Groundhog Day Crafts for Kids

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If your kids are fans of this fun holiday, why not spend a craft day with them and you can make these groundhog day crafts together?

You’ll find some simple projects that little ones can easily handle, as well as others that require a little more skill and patience.

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Groundhog day crafts for kids

We are excited to see what spring brings! Can this little rodent help us? This holiday is definitely fun for kids and there are some fun activities, both arts and crafts, that you can do with your kids or students.

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From simple ideas that preschool and kindergarten age children can easily implement to more challenging ideas suitable for older children.

Our favorite – Groundhog Day Agamograph


Watch the groundhog emerge from the ground: change your perspective to reveal one of two agamographic images: the groundhog on the ground and one looking up.

We have a printable and coloring pattern to make this project really easy.

Watch the tutorial and collect the Groundhog Agamograph model.

Easy crafting with construction paper

*Just get started with this adorable Groundhog Day paper craft. Simple and fun

More fun ideas to try with your kids.


  1. do you have a paper bag You can make a cute doll out of it. glued to my creations
  2. You can do many cool things with cupcake pans, the groundhog is just one of them. I like smart things
  3. If you love creating with paper plates, why not try this groundhog paper plate craft. ABC creative learning
  4. You can also make a pretty fun groundhog with your hands. funny fingerprint art
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  1. Here’s another super easy DIY. The joy of the inner child
  2. You can also have the kids pretend to be groundhogs, which is easy if they make their own masks. I like smart things
  3. This easy DIY is really adorable. smart tomorrow
  4. And this craft is so fluffy. The joys of the boys
  5. This might be my favorite, what a fun craft for Groundhog Day! still at school*

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