Grooming Long-Haired Dachshunds: The Essential Guide With Photos

True dachshund lovers know that this breed is growing in personality and style. Between the iconic long silhouette and big-dog stance, this breed takes the cake when it comes to canine enthusiasm.

Originally bred in Germany in the 15th century, “dachshund” means “dachshund”. Not surprisingly, they were originally bred to hunt badgers. These days, Doxies are now great miniature watchdogs (and a little less great athletes!). Dachshunds come in smooth, wire-haired, and long-haired varieties with a variety of colors to match. Although the smooth haired dachshund is relatively low maintenance, the long haired dachshund needs a bit more grooming to keep those free-flowing locks looking their best.

Ready for your brave pup to shine? Here’s what you need to know about long haired dachshund grooming.

The Basics of Nursing

Luckily for Dachshund owners, Doxies are relatively clean and have little to no body odor. When you have a long haired dachshund, sometimes they need a little extra attention. Her gorgeous tresses can become tangled if not cared for properly.

For many long-haired varieties, the AKC recommends pin or bristle brushes because they help brush the coat and control shedding without harming the dog. During his grooming routine, inspect your Doxie for foreign objects that may have become lodged in his fur while playing outside. This is also a good opportunity to check for matted fur. Mats usually form around the ears and under the legs, but they can appear almost anywhere.


Because Doxies are a clean breed, they don’t need frequent bathing. But when they’re playing in the mud or running through sticky bushes, it’s definitely time for a swim! Experts recommend that you don’t give your Rough Haired Dachshund more than one bath a month, as this can dry out the natural oils in their skin. This can lead to skin irritation or loss of hair shine.

To dry, start by drying your Doxie with a soft towel and then with a dog-safe hair dryer. It may take your dachshund a while to appreciate the blow dryer, but once they get used to it, many dogs appreciate the warmth. A hair dryer is the best option as it prevents future tangles.

With a dachshund’s adorable large ears, they’re particularly prone to ear infections. Grooming is the perfect time to ensure your ears are healthy.

Are you ready to make your Dachshund look its best? Here are the best hairstyles for this breed.

Best Long Haired Dachshund Haircuts

puppy cut


Not just for puppies, the puppy cut is perfect for people who want all the benefits of a dachshund without the high maintenance overhead. Leave the hair about an inch long all over the body, with a bit more length above the ears.

The puppy cut is short enough that you don’t have to constantly brush out tangles, but long enough that your doxie is well protected from the elements. It’s important to keep this cut under control or you’ll end up giving your dachshund regular grooming sessions again.

best show


With the flowing curls of a long-haired dachshund and the demeanor of a big dog, there’s a reason people are obsessed with putting their doxie in the Best in Show cut. Precision and attention to detail are at the heart of this operation, and it’s not for the faint of heart.

Every part of your dachshund’s hair will be examined and combed according to dog show guidelines. The shape around the neck and head is refined while longer hair is outlined around the center part. All that work might be worth it to bring home the gold!



As the name suggests, it pays to leave your Doxie as is. A natural hair length can help regulate body temperature and keep your dog free from fantasies.

After bathing your dog, many groomers make a slight natural trim around the dachshund’s lower body and ears before drying his long, silky locks. This look is simple, but you will have a dog that looks presentable while also being able to run with the wild pack.

Now that you’ve got your beautiful cut, it’s time to examine your dachshund’s nails. Toenails that are too big can damage their paws, especially when walking on the sidewalk. While you’re grooming him, trim your pup’s nails once a month to prevent damage.

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