Google Stadia will help you beat games if you ask Assistant for help



When you get stuck in a game, you usually have to pause and ask Google for help. You can find frequently asked questions, guides or tutorials on YouTube where you can search for the part you need. The next version of Google Stadia could change the whole process.

At today’s Game Developers Conference 2019 keynote, Google introduced Stadia, a service that allows gamers to stream modern video games directly to their browser. But Stadia’s appeal goes beyond breaking hardware barriers; The service also allows you to connect to your games in a whole new way. For example, you can share specific areas and situations in your games with just a simple link.

Stadia will also have many YouTube integrations, making it easier for gamers to jump into games presented by their content creators. However, the platform’s most useful feature might be the Google Assistant: at the touch of a button, you can tell the assistant you’re having trouble and it will automatically detect where you are in the game and show you most of it. relevant YouTube video to help you through the difficult section. In the GDC presentation, a player asked how to clean a tomb Tumb Raiderand the wizard immediately loaded the appropriate video to assist you. No need to google or scrub.

Google Stadia is scheduled to launch later this year.

Within Google Stadia

  • The technology


    • With Stradia, you can jump into a game directly from YouTube in seconds
    • Google Stadia allows streamers to play games with their viewers
    • State Share changes the way the best moments of a game are shared
    • Here’s your first look at Google’s game controller
    • Google’s Stadia promises big innovations for multiplayer games
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