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God of WarValkyries are among the toughest opponents in the game. Eir, Geirdriful, Gondul, Gunnr, Hildr, Kara, Olrun, Rota, and Sigrun are scattered across the realms, unleashing devastating attacks.

The trick to defeating a Valkyrie is to identify and respond to their attacks. So the fights become if-then statements: if she does this, then I’ll do it. in the polygon God of War In the tutorials (link below) we show you Geirdriful’s attacks (the “if” part) and how to react (the “then” part). We’ll break down each boss fight into its component parts, demystifying its smash attack and showing you how to react and respond.

We also have some general tips that apply to any fight. Before you begin, do three things:

  • Fill up your Rune Attack meter. When a fight begins with Valkyrie descending from a floating cocoon, she activates consecutive rune attacks. (L1+R1 and L1+R2). When the Valkyries descend, they are vulnerable. If you then attack, you’ll lose a significant chunk of his health with no stamina. (If your gauges aren’t full, you can stand in front of the battle and wait for them to fill.)
  • Fill up your Spartan Rage gauges. Spartan Rage does two things. The most obvious is dealing large amounts of damage. The least obvious thing is restoring your health when attacking. You can use it to kill a Valkyrie, restore your low health, or both! (If your gauges aren’t full, you’ll find enemies to kill. You can go straight back to the mystical gate outside the arena.)
  • Bring a resurrection stone.. If you die while holding a Resurrection Stone, press Square and Atreus will bring it back to life. Any Resurrection Stone will do, and you can buy them from Brok or Sindri’s store. Remember that you can only have one at a time.

God of War Valkyrie Guides

  • Eir (The Mountain)
  • Geirdriful (Promontory)
  • Gondül-Muspelheim
  • Gunnr (corpse of Thamur)
  • Hildr (Niflheim)
  • Kara (river crossing)
  • Olrun (Alfheim)
  • Broken (Helheim)
  • Sigrun (Council of Valkyries)
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