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Inside God of WarOnce you’ve explored all that the Lake of Nine has to offer, you’ll likely head to the various mist-shrouded towers and landmarks found throughout the body of water. Each of them has objects, enemies and more to discover. We’ll break down what you can find in these places, Vanaheim Tower, located southwest of the Temple of Tyr. On your first visit to the Lake of Nine, the bridge will lead you here.

If you’re just exploring what the Lake of Nine has to offer then you really don’t need to worry about this tower – you’ll traverse this tower as part of several main story destinations.

Vanaheim Tower

articles in this area: More than a mythical sanctuary, chest shrouded in legend (Muspelheim cipher)

First of all, you cannot access the Vanaheim Tower from the lake. You need to approach from the Tire Bridge (there are several pillars to choose from around the bridge). As you get closer, there are two wooden chests on each side of the door with Hacksilver inside.

Go through the doors, turn left and smash through the debris blocking the door. Skip the step to find a More than a mythical sanctuary.

Head back into the main room and make your way between the scorn posts. Someday you will fall. Freeze the Scorn Pole to the left of the wooden tower (as it comes out) to open it Lordinary chest – a piece of Muspelheim cipher is inside.

After that, this trail will take you to the foothills.


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Vanaheim Tower to Alfheim

articles in this area: Kingdom Rift, Lore Token

When you return to Vanaheim Tower after being in Alfheim as part of the main story, you can have Atreus shoot the light crystals at the three doors inside the tower. This will reveal a Tear of Kingdom. To close the rift you have to fight against two sixes ghosts, so it will probably be a struggle to save until the end of your game. (The next section of this guide contains our tips on how to defeat revenants.)

After passing the Scorn Stakes and descending to where you picked them up legendary chest The first time you can find a Crystal of Light behind you. Plug it into the socket next to the Knowledge TokenActivate it and ask the boy to read it.


SHE Santa Monica Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment via Polygon

Vanaheim Tower Realm tear

The demolition of the Vanaheim Kingdom Tower is perhaps the most difficult of all. God of War . You must fight two powerful revenants (level six) in a small area and the poison they relentlessly throw at you. Your fighting style may vary, but there are three simple things anyone can do to make this fight a little easier:

  • separate the spirits. Your goal should be to fight only one revenant at a time, and the easiest way to do that is to smash them. At best, you can guide one of the ghosts down the hallway leading to the room. Otherwise, use them when they are on either side of the room.
  • block poison. The poison will deplete your health bar. It’s best to block when not fighting, as blocking is an effective way to avoid getting hit by his nasty traveling poison attacks.
  • Attack after defence. Revenants are vulnerable after attacking, giving you a relatively safe opportunity to switch from attack to defense.

In the GIF above, we combined these strategies. If you can chain them (split, block, and track their attacks with your own), you can protect yourself and take advantage of the Revenants’ small window of vulnerability.

Another tip: keep an eye on the direction indicator. If you see an imminent attack, dodge. You can see the indicator (it’s the red arrow) at the end of the GIF above. If you find yourself in this situation, dodge left or right to escape the incoming attack. There is no guarantee of avoiding harm, but standing still is a guarantee of suffering harm.

This is perhaps the hardest part to remember. It was safe for us. We had to deal with our tunnel vision where we were so focused on our offense that we lost all sense of the battlefield around us. In the GIF above, another spawn is behind us. Monitoring and reacting to the attack meter saved us from taking a lot of damage.

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