Get inspired by this stunning £50 bedroom wall panel redesigned by a professional homeowner

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  • Instead of having a new year with a new person, why not treat yourself to a new room? Wall panels are the easiest way to remodel a room on a budget. See how one smart homeowner renovated the wall panels in this bedroom for less than £50.

    Haylie Hammill, a former hotelier from Cheltenham, posted her bedroom makeover on her Instagram account home_by_haylie, and many interior design lovers are quick to take notice. A DIY enthusiast and former B&Q employee, Haylie knows how to use toolboxes and painting templates. He used his insider information to create a dream wall panel on the tightest budget.

    “I work in the restaurant industry, but it certainly wasn’t the best year,” he told savings community “I have been working on various interior design projects as a hobby for eight years. I have also worked in the paint department of B&Q for four years and have benefited a lot. This is why I have found that I am very good at choosing colors.

    Renovated bedroom partitions.

    Hailey started her project after being inspired by Instagram wall panels. “It gives a room a lot of character and looks expensive even if it’s not,” he said. Here’s a smart interior design trick if you want your room to look classy without wasting money.



    Image credit: Hayley Hamill

    “Based on my experience working at B&Q, I know what materials I need, but I’ll keep researching to make sure I’m making the right decision,” he said. When deciding on MDF, Hayley chose a thickness of 12mm to complete the project.

    “Usually 6mm and 18mm are fine for a project like this, but I chose 12mm for my style,” he explains. “I like the slightly thicker look it gives because it casts a little shadow on the walls and makes the design more special.”

    Hailey picked up the MDF from B&Q and cut it into 8cm-wide strips. Most B&Qs offer wood and MDF strip cuts to suit your project. Service is limited at the moment, but Hayley’s best advice is to come in when they’re not busy and ask. Asking never hurts!

    a moment later


    Image credit: Hayley Hamill

    “Once I had the strips, I measured the walls,” said Haley. “I wanted to raise the panels two-thirds higher because I thought that was the most visually appealing height.” “The strips for this project The belt is about 60 inches tall.”

    Haley cut them with a wood saw and guided it with a small box. However, he has since invested in a chainsaw that will reduce the workload on similar projects.

    He primed the wood with a roller before fixing it to the wall. He then secured them to the wall with No More Nail, making sure the strips lay flat on the element floor.

    “With No More Nails, you have about five minutes to move your piece around a bit before it hardens if needed,” she adds. So if you make an investment mistake, don’t panic.

    table wall bedroom 3

    Image credit: Hayley Hamill

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    “For the stand, I purchased a 27mm pine quadrant profile to give the impression of a sloping edge,” he explains. I used more MDF on it. I cut a 5cm wide ribbon and it was done on top. It gives you some extra space for jewelry and other decorations.

    Haylie then seals the edges to eliminate gaps for a glossy finish. She then applied a delicate blush to the strips and walls of the B&Q GoodHome collection in Kyoto.

    I used a 1.5″ brush around the edges and then a small roller between the MDF strips for a high quality finish. I made all necessary repairs right after it was done. I use a large brush to easily reach all those holes and grooves.


    Image credit: Hayley Hamill

    All that’s left for Hailey is to decorate her new dash shelf with pictures, plants and supplies.

    The project cost Hailey £47.94 in total. The sum includes £20 MDF, £6.94 list of pine quads, £5 No More Nails and £16 paint. He used primer and primer that he already had at home, but you can get it for less than £12.

    “Siding looks a lot more expensive than it is now,” he said. “I have a lot Congratulations Many people ask for it. This is the easiest type of board, so if you want to try it yourself, it’s a good place to start.

    If you’re looking to upgrade your home, check out our wall panel ideas for more inspiration.

    In the new year, will you breathe new life into your home?

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