Get Blown Away With Our 8 Best Dog Blow Dryers

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Dogs get wet, that’s a reality. Between rainy walks, swimming, and bathing, some puppies seem to spend more time slightly wet than dry. For your loving parents, that means a soggy house, damp stains on furniture, and the unmistakable smell of wet fur. If, like us, you’ve dreamed of a way to speed up the drying process, we’re here to tell you there’s an answer: hair dryers for dogs.

Dog hair dryers are an attractive solution for many reasons. In our own testing, we’ve found them to drastically reduce the time it takes you to dry your dog (as well as the sheer amount of towels). They reduce wet dog odor, make your pet look as luxurious as possible, and keep your pup’s skin healthy.

We particularly like them as an alternative to air drying, which not only makes your home dirty, but isn’t always good for your dog’s skin either. Although some short-haired breeds can get away with it, air drying can lead to hot spots on the skin or even fungal growth between a dog’s paw pads. It can also tangle or mess up long hair (since it can take hours to dry naturally).

Brushing is the best way to completely dry your dog’s coat in the shortest amount of time.

While it can be tempting to use a hair dryer you already have on your pet, human hair dryers are often 1) set too high for a pet’s fur and 2) too low when it comes to drying a dog, especially of a dog. a big or fat one. – hairy breed. You can use the coolest setting, but you won’t get very impressive results without the power of a pet-specific dryer.

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Hair dryers designed for dogs often have multiple speed and temperature settings that you can use to customize your pup’s experience. For example, if your dog is afraid of the noise of the dryer, keeping the dryer on a low setting will help reduce the noise. Similarly, many dryers are equipped with multiple nozzles, some of which spread the air widely and others that concentrate the air more. Some nozzles can even be used as a brush or comb.

Regardless of what type of hair dryer you use, you should make sure you introduce it to your dog slowly, especially if he’s not used to being blown dry on a regular basis.

Start at the bottom, being careful not to blow air directly on sensitive areas like the face, ears, or genitals. Brushing a dog’s coat with a free hand while it’s drying will also speed up the process.

While most dog dryers require you to point the nozzle at a pet’s fur, there is another type of dryer that doesn’t blow air directly at dogs: cage dryers. These attach to a dog’s cage and work by blowing hot air into the cage surrounding the animal. But crate dryers can be risky and increase a dog’s risk of overheating. If you choose to go this route, it’s important to always supervise a dog when using a crate dryer and never leave them alone.

We like dog hair dryers better, which is why we’ve compiled this list of the best on the market right now.

The best hair dryers for dogs

Blue and silver dog hair dryer with attached hose.

Whether you have a Great Dane or a Miniature Dachshund, this Shelandy pet hair dryer promises to get your pooch dry quickly. Multiple speed settings (adjustable via a knob on the machine’s body) give you maximum control over the airflow, which combined with its remarkably quiet noise, makes the Shelandy a good choice for homeowners to tumble dry. Rover test pup Enzo gave him these two paws as he tested them after a run in the rain.

With a mid-range price, it’s a solid choice for beginners and anyone wanting to test the waters and see what a dryer can do for their grooming routine.

What we like:

  • Four different nozzles for your pup’s different coat types and body parts, with a knob to control the air speed
  • With the heating function you can choose between warm air and air at room temperature
  • super quiet sound
  • Relatively light at 10.3 pounds
  • comes with a one-year warranty

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Portable purple dog hair dryer with attached hose.

For its cost and size, this Shernbao dog hair dryer offers a lot of value. While the Shelandy dryer prioritizes airflow control, this model is all about offering a variety of temperature options. Its advantages are its lightness and portability. And while that might not matter to your pooch, we love that it comes in three cool color options.

What we like:

  • Two variable speed and temperature settings.
  • Three different nozzle options
  • Weighs less than 7 pounds

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Pink and black dog hair dryer with attached hose.

The powerful motor and extra-long 10ft hose represent some of the great features of this Flying One dog dryer. Its strength is, well, its strength: it’s a powerhouse built to last with a steel casing around its motor . It’s a good choice for pet owners looking for durability and a design that will last through many, many dry seasons. It’s expensive, but for good reason.

What we like:

  • Easy to move thanks to its flexible hose
  • Two different jets, two heat settings and an adjustable airflow knob
  • Available in pink, green or purple color options.

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Dog brush with drying element

This gentle and quiet grooming dryer is an affordable option best suited for small to medium sized dogs. It’s a favorite among puppies who love a good brushing session, and pet owners appreciate its portability. Unlike previous grooming powerhouses, this is a piece you can stash in a drawer or suitcase for easy access, travel, and on-the-go use.

What we like:

  • Less heat and much quieter than a human hair dryer
  • Two heating levels
  • lightweight and portable

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Orange dog hair dryer with connection hose

This MetroVac dog dryer combines the efficiency of a large dryer with the portability of a compact design. Its powerful motor is said to have reduced drying time by 75%.

What we like:

  • Robust all-steel construction
  • two speed options
  • One year guarantee

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Bonnolo dog hair dryer

For dogs that are particularly sensitive to loud noises, this Bonnlo dog hair dryer is equipped with a noise-cancelling sponge to ensure it only produces 50-70 decibels of noise (similar to voices during a conversation).

What we like:

  • Four nozzle options
  • Adjustable speed dial and two temperature settings
  • Available in black, blue or yellow.

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Green Fido dog hair dryer

This B-Air dryer has no heat and only uses high-velocity air to dry your dog. Without heat, you don’t run the risk of your dog overheating while drying, making it a good option for puppies who are particularly temperature-sensitive. It’s also a good choice if you’re looking for a crate-friendly dryer, as its unheated air reduces the potential risk of your dog overheating. However, if you choose to dry your pet in a crate, we recommend staying indoors and monitoring your pet to ensure their safety.

What we like:

  • Dry without heat with 7.4 ampere power
  • Four nozzle options
  • ETL certificate

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Free paw pet dryer

With five different nozzles and an included grooming mitt, this Free Paws dog hair dryer will help you achieve maximum fall for your dog in no time.

What we like:

  • Adjustable speed dial and heat settings.
  • Quiet and stable rubber feet
  • Available in yellow or black

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