Genshin Impact guide: Time and the Wind quest solution


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Inside Genshin ImpactThere is a quest that only appears when you reach a certain unmarked island.

“Weather and Wind” appears for all players traveling to the island east of Mondstadt. Once there, you must solve a small puzzle to complete the mission.

You need a character with the Anemo ability, so make sure your traveler is set to the correct element if you don’t have other Ameno characters.

Go to the unmarked island


Image: Mihoyo via Polygon

The island is far from the mainland, so players cannot swim there. To get there, players can fly with Amber from the top of Starsnatch Cliff. The island is quite remote, which means you’ll need more resistance than at the beginning. Amber has a passive that reduces stamina drain while hovering. You can also eat foods such as Northern smoked chicken to restore stamina while flying.

Players can also use Cryo characters like Kaeya to freeze water and reach the island, although this will take some time depending on the character.

Solve the mission puzzle

Once there, you should head to the eastern part of an island. There is a rock formation near a small camp that you can open to find notes on the island and advance the quest.


Image: Mihoyo via Polygon

After interacting with the sundial, go to 2am in the game. Use Elemental Sight to find a Wind Cumulus and use an Ameno ability on it. This will cause the group to break up and three pieces will be scattered around the island. You’ll need to use your elemental sight to find them, and an Ameno ability to use on them when you do. Note that you can only find these groups in the game between 2am and 5am.

After finding all three wind pools, you need to use Ameno in the wind depot in the middle of the island. This triggers a fight with an Eye of the Storm running away before you can kill it.

A draft will form, allowing you to follow the eye of the storm and leading you to another sundial. Talk to the nearby NPC and interact with the camp behind him to continue the quest.

Again, you’ll need to set the game time to 2am and use Elemental Sight to find Wind Clusters. This time they will be right around the sundial. Use Ameno’s abilities to get rid of them. Another wind deposit will appear for you to blow up with Ameno, causing the Eye of the Storm to appear again. Kill him to complete the mission.

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