Genshin Impact guide: Inazuma weapon blueprint locations


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Genshin Impact has charts Y Make plans for a variety of weapons, but if you want Inazuma’s weapons you must complete various world quests. Our Genshin Impact The instructions will show you how to get them Inazuma weapon and what world quests give you Inazuman weapons.

There is a chart for each weapon type:

  • Hakushin ring (catalyst)
  • Amenoma Kageuchi (sword)
  • Crossed Spear Kitain (Pole Weapon)
  • Katsuragikiri Nagamasa (Claymore)
  • Hamayumi (Bow)

Once you get the diagrams, you can craft these weapons with the appropriate Weapon Type Ticket, 50 Amethyst Pieces, and 50 Tin Pieces.

Almost all of these weapons require a world quest to obtain the blueprint. We have listed below where you can start the quests.

How to Obtain the Hakushin Ring Blueprint (Catalyst)

that Hakushin ring the chart is actually that Mask of Memoriesan item you get for completing the finale Sacred Sakura Purification Ritual search line”,Yougo cleaning.” The mask itself is a viable item that will teach you how to craft the Inazuman Catalyst Weapon.

How to get the Amenoma Kageuchi Blueprint (Sword)

To get that Amenoma Kageuchi diagram, you must do the secret world quest”peasant treasure.” After completing this quest, you will receive the diagram that teaches you how to forge the Inazuman sword.

How to get the Kitain Cross Spear Blueprint

To get that Kitain cross spear diagramYou must finish them Orobashi Legacy World quest series, also known as the quest that ends with the rain on Yashiori Island. Once you complete The Orobashi Legacy: Part V, you will receive the diagram that will teach you how to craft the Inazuman Polearm.

How to get the Katsuragikiri Nagamasa Blueprint (Claymore)

To get that Katsuragikiri Nagamasa Diagramgotta do something great tatara stories World quest line, but it is not a direct reward for the quest. Tatara Tales world quests are the ones that open the barrier to Tatarasuna.

After opening the barrier, you need to find three keys that say “key to a location.” common chests in Tatarasuna. We’ve marked below where you can find the keys.


Graphics: Julia Lee/Polygon | Image source: Mihoyo

After finding the keys you can open the door to the arsenal where Inazuman’s sword schematic is located in a luxury breast.


Graphics: Julia Lee/Polygon | Image source: Mihoyo

How to get Hamayumi Blueprint (Bow)

Unlike the other charts, the chart learns how to do this Hayumi bow it does not come from a quest in the world. Instead, you must change mysterious shells to the Takashi to open a random shared chest.


Graphics: Julia Lee/Polygon | Image source: Mihoyo

You can only open one chest per day and must trade three mysterious clam shells every day. On the beach near him, mysterious seashells can be found glittering in the sand.

Most of the things you get from Takashi are worthless: apples, wheat, pieces of iron, etc. However, you do get the arc diagram from Inazuman in the seventh breast.

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