Genshin Impact guide: Araumi cube puzzle solution


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Once you have completed several of the quests in the Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual world quest line Genshin Impact, you have access to the ruins of Araumi. Within these ruins are several puzzles that you must complete to unlock access to a domain and waypoint teleporter. Our Genshin Impact The guide provides the cube puzzle solutions.

Once you complete the world quests A Strange Tale in Konda and Sacrificial Sacrifice, you will be tasked with finding three more shrines in the Pollution Cleansing quest. One of these sanctuaries is in Aruami. You cannot access Teleport Waypoint or The Domain unless you complete these quests.

If you disembark at the torii gate in Aruami if you go to the leftThere is a cube puzzle unrelated to the Purge of Corruption quest.

To solve it, stand on the raised platform so you’re facing the shiny side of the center cube. From there, shoot shots at the with a bow user Dice in the lower left oncethat upper right cube twiceSo the lower left cube once more.

If you mess up the dice doing this, log out and back in to reset them to the default positions.

Solving this puzzle will drain the water, allowing you to swim through the ruins. Swim straight up the stairs. When you get to the top, turn around to see another cube puzzle.

To solve this only hit the middle cube twice in a row.

After that, the rest of the water will flow out and open a new passage for you to take. Open the doors you find along the way by interacting with the mechanisms next to them. It will eventually lead you to the elusive Teleport a waypointas well as Eternal mechanical network boss and Supervision: Finca Mil Pergaminos.

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