Genshin Impact Aloy guide: How to unlock on PS4, PS5, PC, and mobile

Finally, Aloy in Genshin Impact shoots an icy arrow

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All Genshin Impact Players can now play as Aloy out of Horizon zero dawn. It was previously only available for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 players but is now available for mobile and PC players Patch 2.2. Our Genshin Impact explains how to get Aloy and when PC and mobile players can unlock her.

To enter Aloy, you adventurer rank That’s how it should be twenty.

when you play Genshin Impact On PC or mobile, you can instantly unlock Aloy by claiming her from yours post Office. According to the 2.1 patch notes, you need to opt-in before the November 24, 2021 patch 2.3 maintenance to get it. After that, it stays in your mailbox for a year before it expires, so be sure to pick it up before then.

If you’re playing on PS4 or PS5, your time to collect Aloy is over now that Patch 2.2 has been released. PlayStation players had to opt-in during patch 2.1 to receive it in their mailbox. If you signed in during that time but don’t have it, it’s probably in your mailbox, so be sure to check it. It is unknown if Aloy will be available again for PlayStation users.

Aloy is a Cryobow user and the first collaborative character to be added Genshin Impact. It has a constellation to increase its stats, but since there are no multiples of it, it remains locked. To upgrade Aloy, you need items from inazumawhich means your adventurer rank must be 30 or higher. You need Crystalline Blooms, Crystal Marrow, and Spectral Husks to level up.

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