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What is?

Not the beginning of the Bible, not a bicycle, not a progressive rock band. Genesis is, in short, the classy automobile arm of the mighty Hyundai Motor Group.

This is not a society with a habit of failing. His Hyundais and Kias are mostly well received. Its Hyundai N compact car division is doing very well. Its all-electric offerings lead the pack.

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But good honest regular cars don’t automatically take a manufacturer into premium territory. A brand needs a hook. And frankly, the first batch of Genesis cars don’t have any.

They may be “typically Korean”, but few Europeans know what that means, even if they respect their Samsung phablets.

Or maybe the target audience is people who are just tired of the obvious competition from BMW/Mercedes/Audi/Volvo. Hopefully they don’t mind having to repeatedly explain who or what Genesis is.

By the way, this GV80 crossover and G80 sedan are just the first. By the end of the year, there will be a smaller G70 sedan and wagon and a GV70 crossover. As well as a fully electric version of the GV80 sedan. Genesis will also release cars based on the high-tech electric platform used by the Hyundai Ioniq 5.

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“We are fully aware that Europe does not need another premium car brand,” says a Genesis representative. Well, no. Evidence abounds in the failure of Cadillac and Infiniti, and the ongoing struggles of Alfa, Jaguar and Maserati.

If cars are not enough to cut, what is?

Genesis is all about new ways to explore and own the car, and built-in warranty and service. If you’re playing buzzword bingo, that’s the way to the buying and ownership experience.

You never need to go to a dealer. In fact, there isn’t. Much of the process is online, but “online” is more than just digital.

When you’re ready, ask a human questions. Traditionally, car dealerships are full of salesmen who take commissions on every car they move. Genesis takes a different approach. The company’s “Genesis Personal Assistants” (GPAs) answer your questions, shake your hand, and bring the car to you.

Yes, but it’s a car review. And, you know, the car?

It’s a big crossover, about the same size as the BMW X5. Seven seats are optional. Engines are a 2.5-liter petrol and a 3.0-liter inline-six diesel, and both have four-wheel drive as standard.

The design was in charge of ex-Bentley Sangyup Lee. It really wouldn’t be ridiculous to think it’s a more attractive Bentayga. There’s a lot of chrome and sweeping curves on the outside. Inside, it’s a world of leather with prominent stitching, knurled buttons, and wood trim.

Count the fancy gadgets and luxury driving assistance, and you’ve got a car that lives up to the expensive territory they’re launching it into.

is it expensive?

No. This is where things unravel.

You can find more details by clicking on the “Conduct” section of this notice. In short, though, some tracks are just average and some are pretty mediocre.

We tested the six-cylinder diesel. It’s refined enough, and the eight-speed automatic transmission matches well. But it doesn’t really push you forward with the kind of authority you find in (inevitably German) rivals. And yet he is also relatively thirsty.

Steering and cornering are pleasantly reassuring, but many rivals do better.

The big problem is the journey. There is too much commotion. The bumps and potholes make the entire chassis feel like it’s shaking under you. Larger troughs and ridges cause the entire car to lift and float.

On quiet roads it is better served. It tracks well and remains unobtrusive, thanks in part to active noise cancellation. To better take advantage of the optional stereo upgrade, really great.

What’s the verdict?

Large luxury SUV from Britain’s newcomer Genesis, part of the Korean Hyundai group. Many promises on paper, a disappointment along the way

It’s one of those cars that is perfect for people who don’t really like cars.

Shopping, for almost everything, is changing. Add to cart, click for home delivery, online support. Genesis brings that to car shopping. That’s the difference from Genesis.

The car itself has less to distinguish itself from its rivals. Oh, its static qualities are satisfactory. Its design is well executed, its details well thought out, its interior well finished, its technology well developed. But these things are not unique.

Sorry, but the lackluster performance/economy balance, numb handling, and failing ride comfort would continue to bother us long after the careful buying experience was forgotten.

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High-end Genesis GV80High-end Genesis GV80High-end Genesis GV80

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