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What is?

The latest plucky upstart who thinks he can enter the battlefield of small sports sedans and settle among the dominant like the BMW 3 Series, Mercedes C Class and Audi A4, while making life even harder for the faded Alfa Romeo Giulia and Jaguar. XE. It took the British a few decades to wrap their heads around the idea that Korean cars were about more than low prices and long warranties. Are we now ready to buy your fancy sedans?

Because yes, the young Genesis brand is from South Korea, where it is actually the high-end branch of the Hyundai-Kia empire. This car, the G70, sits on the same platform as Kia’s impressive Stinger GT sports sedan, but prioritizes sophistication and comfort over the more detached antics of the V6 Stinger.

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Explain a little more what the G70 is, please.

While the Genesis is new to British shores, the G70 is hardly a new car. It’s actually a nicely redone version of a G70 that’s been on sale in the Far East and North America since 2017, making it older than the current BMW 3 Series and Mercedes C-Class. However, its eye-catching facelift cleverly disguised this, thanks to aggressively split, slim light clusters and a ‘crest’ grille that give the G70 considerable road presence.

In fact, from almost any angle, it’s a particularly handsome and well-proportioned car. One that draws attention and confuses viewers as they go through their mental agenda trying to figure out what’s going on. The designer is an ex-Bentley, and there’s more than a hint of a Flying Spur baby about the G70. A good start, then.

What different models can I choose?

We’re looking at the normal four-door sedan here, but there’s also a station wagon on the way, though Genesis calls it the Shooting Brake. Meanwhile, the engine lineup is a fraction of the size you’d normally expect in this class, but it’s aimed at the sales core. Choose from a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder gasoline engine with 195 hp or 242 hp, or a single turbodiesel four-cylinder with 187 hp and 295 lb-ft. Both are mated as standard to an eight-speed automatic gearbox with rear-wheel drive. There is no manual, four-wheel drive, or plug-in hybrid offering. Genesis decided not to bring the V6 engine to the UK because, well, how many Kia Stinger V6s has it seen lately?

So what is USP Genesis?

Aside from the G70’s looks, it’s more about the promise of a stress-free ownership experience. Like its parent brands, Genesis is backed by a five-year warranty. Most notable is the concierge service – when your car needs service, it will be picked up from your home by a courtesy car provided. Genesis reckons it can operate entirely without traditional resellers, though you’ll see pop-up stores trying to put butts on seats in big malls.

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Essentially, Genesis is betting on customers who have grown weary with a slight sense of complacency from regular heavy hitters. The brand says it wants its guests to feel like guests at a luxury hotel and value traditional Korean hospitality. The question is, in the notoriously posh UK, will the G70 attract enough people to experience it?

What’s the verdict?

The G70 could stand on its own, but it probably needs to be replaced sooner rather than later if it’s to avoid “making an Infiniti.”

It seems like a strange move on the part of Genesis to effectively launch a brand in the UK with a product that is not new. The G70 is new to UK eyes, but the scratches below the surface and elements of the interior and powertrains give away that it’s not a new car, and in this class that’s good enough to take a step back. since the first day.

That said, it’s an easy-to-use device with solid trim levels, decent refinement, and really eye-catching looks. The property package also looks healthy. Not a best-in-class solution for driving, but arguably only a handful of enthusiasts care these days, now connectivity, cost per month and brand value matter more. The G70 could stand on its own, but will probably need to be replaced sooner rather than later if it’s to avoid “making an Infiniti.”

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