Gears 5 Act 3 – Chapter 2: Rocket Plan collectibles guide

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speeds 5 There are six collectibles to find in Act 3 – Chapter 2: Rocket Plan, and in this guide we’ll show you the location of each one (along with a number of components along the way).


From where you start in UIR Rocket Hanger, go down the stairs and then to the other side of the room. He sits next to ammo boxes, sandbags, and a turret.

Collectible 1 // Dawn’s Hammer Command Case

Open the door and go into the dark room where you need to turn on the light. The light switch is on the far left. This collectible briefcase is on the far right of a corpse.

Collectible 2 // OZP-11 Termination Policy

Turn on the light and your next objective is to get to the other side of the hangar. Instead, go down the stairs on your right and take the path to the left. This collectible sits on a barrel.

components (3)

In the same lower area where you’ll find Collectible 2, it’s on the opposite wall in a fuse box.

components (3)

Go to the portal above the hangar bay. Instead of kicking in the door in front of you, turn left and follow the path down the stairs. In the corner of the next level, open the three-component fuse box.

Collectible 3 // Memory of the UIR space mission

Go to the portal above the hangar bay. Smash the door and follow the path out of the facility, then re-enter the facility. Eliminate the bad guys from the room.

Before exiting, jump the barrier and go up the stairs to a small office. The collectible is on a table on the opposite wall.

Collectible 4 // Major Toly’s Loyal Commandos

This collectible is in the room where you need to discover the nose cone and move another portal. Go to the sandbags on your right, jump on them and you’ll find them on top of a stack of crates.

Collectible 5 // UIR Tag: Major Toly

After opening the big round door you have to go to the next room. Then you have to press a button to get to the next room. The collectible is right in front of you on the ground next to the corpse of a collapsed UIR soldier against a tank.

components (3)

Head to the opposite side of the tank from where you found Collectible 5 and you’ll see a sandbag barrier and a fuse box on the wall behind it. Open the fuse box for a triple pack.

components (3)

A dark hallway with Jack lights follows the area with the fifth collectible and components. Go through the door into the lighted room and you’ll find her on the ground near a tower.

Collectible 6 // The Major’s Speech

A dark hallway, lit by Jack, follows the area with the fifth collectible and components. Enter the room (through a hole in the wall) and find this document on the table on the left.

components (3)

Right after you find the elevator that takes you out of the hangar, hug the right wall until you find it by a fuse box.

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