Garlic Butter Sauteed Zucchini

Sauteed zucchini is a quick, easy, and healthy side dish. It’s also delicious. I love this version with zucchini cooked with garlic and butter. You only need five minutes of cooking time and it’s time to eat! Skip to the Sauteed Zucchini in Garlic Butter recipe

Sauteed zucchini in garlic butter

How to cook zucchini on the stove

We love zucchini here. Have you ever seen our guilt-free zucchini noodles or these stuffed zucchini bowls? We even made a freeform lasagna with zucchini. This time we share how to cook zucchini on the stovetop. They only require five minutes of cooking time. Let me show you how.

There are many ways to cook zucchini, but the fastest is to fry or sauté them in a skillet on the stovetop. Cooking zucchini this way will result in the zucchini browning on the outside and tender on the inside.

We often fry the zucchini in a pan and we especially like it when the zucchini is cooked with a little butter. The butter adds a nutty flavor and helps the zucchini brown.

We also like to add a tablespoon of minced garlic to the pan, because butter and garlic go with it, right?

The trick to searing zucchini is not to overcook it. Overcooked zucchini will soften.

Golden zucchini cooked on the stove

My top picks for sautéed zucchini

Use a wide pan. Using a large skillet gives the zucchini a chance to spread and brown. This applies to cooking most vegetables on the stove. We use the same trick when cooking mushrooms: by spreading the vegetables in a single layer, they brown instead of stew.

Do not peel the zucchini. Peeled zucchini will be soft and have no bite.

Do not salt the courgettes beforehand. or at the beginning of cooking. The salt draws the water out of the zucchini. This will make it less crispy when cooked. Since salt flavors things, we use it, but prefer to salt towards the end.

Boil the zucchini until tender meaning it looks faded but still has a crackle.

Possible variations of zucchini recipe

Sauteed zucchini has many possible recipe variations. These are some of our favourites:

Make it cheesy and add some grated Parmesan or other cheese just before serving.

We love the garlic and butter combo, but feel free to use other seasonings. Try Italian spice, za’atar spice mix, Cajun spice, an Indian spice mix like curry powder or chili powder (here’s our homemade chili powder mix).

Add some extra crunch with toasted sliced ​​almonds or buttered pine nuts.

Add the chopped tomatoes with the zucchini and cook until the zucchini is crisp-tender and the tomatoes break down a bit and release some of the juice.

Add more protein by adding cooked or canned beans — kidney beans, chickpeas, and black beans would all be great.

A bowl of zucchini sautéed in garlic butter

Easiest zucchini recipes

  • These meatless stuffed zucchini boats are loaded with flavor. We fill them with three types of cheese and one of our favorite ingredients: roasted peppers.
  • Our easy Cheesy Baked Zucchini Chips are addictive. They are perfect for dinner or just as a snack.
  • How to make the best zucchini bread with a lightly flavored, perfectly sweet batter and a whole pound of shredded zucchini tossed in.
  • This Mediterranean Zucchini Pasta Salad is made with zucchini noodles, cucumber, tomatoes, feta cheese, and a tangy yogurt dressing.
  • Zucchini is the star of this vegetable lasagna with tender vegetables, a light tomato sauce and lots of cheese.

Sauteed zucchini in garlic butter

  • COOK

Sauteed zucchini is a quick, easy, and healthy side dish. We like easy zucchini sautéed with some minced garlic, salt and pepper. With that in mind, we shared some variations in the previous article.

makes 4 servings

Watch us at the recipe

will need

1 ¼ pounds chopped zucchini (2 medium)

1 tablespoon butter

1 tablespoon minced garlic (3 cloves)

1 spring onion, thinly sliced

1 to 2 teaspoons fresh lemon juice or red wine vinegar, optional

1/4 cup freshly grated parmesan or pecorino cheese, optional

Salt and freshly ground black pepper


    You decide how to cut the zucchini. You can slice the zucchini, cut into crescents, or chop into small pieces.

    Melt the butter in a large skillet over medium heat. Add the zucchini and garlic and cook, stirring occasionally, until the zucchini is partially browned and tender, 3 to 5 minutes.

    Turn off the heat, then add the scallions, a squeeze of lemon juice, and cheese (if using). Taste, then season with a pinch of salt and black pepper. Serve immediately.

Advice from Adam and Joanne

  • Vegan twist: Substitute olive oil for butter and omit cheese, or substitute some nutritional yeast for parmesan.
  • Alternatives to parmesan include feta cheese, goat cheese, or spicy cheddar cheese.
  • Nutritional Information: The nutritional information below is an estimate. We use the USDA database to calculate approximate values. We don’t count cheese or nuts.

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Nutritional value per serving: Part 1/4 of the recipe (just over a cup) / calories 32 / total fat 2.9g / Saturated Fatty Acids 1.8g / cholesterol 7.6mg / sodium 292.2mg / carbohydrates 1.5g / fiber 0.3g / total sugar 0.2g / protein 0.4g

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