Free Valentines Day Coloring Pages for Adults

I’m sure one (or more) of these free printable adult Valentine’s Day coloring pages would make a lovely gift for your significant other, or you can even use them as a V-Day card to give away.

You can print out the whole lot and gift it with a nice set of colored pencils, I know I would love that.


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As the most romantic and true holidays are approaching, I’ve put together some of the coolest (and free) Valentine’s Day coloring pages for adults and older kids. . You will find many hearts as well as other designs full of love.

My favorite coloring options are sharpies (lovely colors but tend to bleed a lot on paper), fine-tipped markers, and these crayons.

Free Valentine’s Day coloring pages for adults

  1. Easy Peasy and Fun heart field for coloring
  2. Wherever you go, go with your heart – such a beautiful quote
  3. Lots of colorful hind hearts.
  4. Flower Heart, another of my featured creations on Red Ted Art
  5. more beautiful hearts
  6. Love for mom framed coloring page
  7. Love everything about you, a wonderful design by Tried and True Blog
  8. Flowers can also make a great coloring page for Valentine’s Day!
  9. These heart doodles are super fun. Of little trifles
  10. And here’s a scribbled heart from Notes From the Orchard


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