Free Coloring Pages for Adults

Well, there are actually a few more. Free coloring pages for adults found here as some come in packs of two!

From zentangles to intricate patterns, all perfectly therapeutic and great for stress relief!

Tons of free printable coloring pages for adults

Free printable coloring pages for adults

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Color the stress

If you’ve fallen into the adult painting craze (and surprisingly if you haven’t, you should try) you’ll love these gifts!

We’ve curated an extensive selection of some of the most amazing blades, from stunning gifts from big names like Johanna Basford to intricate designs by independent artists (including me).

This adult color trend has been and still is one of the biggest trends we’ve seen lately!

It’s beyond surprising that adults are starting to make time for themselves and do something that helps them relax.

Something that will bring them peace of mind. Something that allows them to unleash their creativity.

We are happy to see this trend growing, many colorists are becoming artists, something they could never do without this trend.

The amazingly colorful creations we’ve seen over the past few months are simply stunning.

Relax while coloring

Free coloring pages for adults

Arm yourself with crayons – my favorites are Sharpies, Faber Castel pens, and Prismacolor crayons.

Oh yes, and a golden highlighter – that makes things even more beautiful! I’m still trying to find the best; So far I’ve been very happy with Shapries’ and Schneider’s gold markers.

That’s where the pens go! If you don’t have a printer and would rather buy an adult coloring book, I also have a long list of great adult coloring books for you to check out.

Free printable coloring pages for adults

Are here

1. Let’s start with some elephant coloring pages for adults – you can make these amazing animals very colorful! Simple and fun

2. Take a walk in the forest: take these forest animal coloring pages and color them! Simple and fun

3. Maybe you just want to color some flowers? You will love this flower coloring page! color trail

4. Or are leaves more your thing? Just one thing of all the wonderful fall colors that you can use to color these leaf coloring pages. color trail

5. This set includes 1 simple and detailed abstract flower coloring page. mom in the institution

6. Is it time to hit the waves? I’m in love with these sea waves (there are a few other designs too! But I’m crazy about waves!). in the playroom

7. Maybe we should dive deeper? You will love these under the sea coloring pages, simple and fun.

8. Or swim with the dolphins: grab these free dolphin coloring pages for adults. red ted art

9. I love giraffes (well, and birds): grab these adult coloring pages and let your mind wander.

10. Are you a fan of owls? I’m sure – grab these owl coloring pages for adults! red ted art

11. Wasn’t it fun? want more owls Be sure to check them out too! to hate

12. Would you like a cup of tea? You will enjoy these cup of tea (and lighthouse) coloring pages. Simple and fun

13. Coloring in mandalas is always fun, make sure to print them out! red ted art

14. Feeling festive? You will love these coloring pages. mom in the institution

we have more

Creative faces coloring book for adultsCreative faces coloring book for adults

Buy from Amazon

15. Today will be great! Color it to believe it! Grab this inspirational coloring page! in the playroom

16. Send a message – type this if it can be something nice. By Dawn Nicole, author of Words to Live By Coloring and Lettering Book

17. We should always follow our hearts (well, almost always): Take this coloring page with a quote. Simple and fun

18. But back to the animals, if you’re a fan of horses, you’ll love these intricate horse coloring pages. Simple and fun

19. What better excuse to use lots of bright colors than coloring in these chameleon coloring sheets? red ted art

20. Let’s go for a walk in the secret garden – lots of enchanted coloring pages are waiting for you! The guard

21. And here is a cute deer to color. maternity minutes

22. Or these meaningful mandala coloring pages. red ted art

23. And here are some more beautiful mandalas. art is fun

24. Grab this peacock coloring page too – you can make it super colourful! Simple and fun

25. This butterfly coloring page doubles as a face mask for kids to play with when you’re done coloring! to hate

26. Want more butterflies? take her! Simple and fun

27. More? Why not color some butterflies? crafts in the sea

28. How about an enchanted forest squirrel? in the playroom

29. If you are a fan of fantasy, you will enjoy this set of awesome coloring pages! The right place for S.Mac

30. Here’s another bird for you – this time we’re coloring a zentangle parrot! creative hobbies

And some others

31. I just want something abstract – grab this abstract coloring page! Simple and fun

32. You need something abstract to occupy your mind – this coloring page is exactly what you need! art is fun

33. There are days when you just need someone to tell you “everything will be fine”. Why not reinforce that with this positive coloring page?

34. Take a break and enjoy a cup of tea (this is a coloring page). mom in the institution

35. And these two girls? It’s so much fun coloring her hair!

36. Mandalas are always popular so I am sure you will enjoy these free coloring pages for adults. don’t eat the dough

Don’t you want even more coloring fun? These are the coloring books I love!

  1. Creative faces coloring book for adults
  2. The Creative Haven Creative Cats by Marjorie Sarnat (the fact that she’s totally feline has nothing to do with this being one of my favorites at the moment, I promise).
  3. Creative Inspirations by Valentina Harper – Since we all need a little positivity in our lives, these quote coloring pages are for you!
  4. Lost Ocean by Johanna Basford – Dive into the depths and lose yourself in the intricate designs everyone has fallen in love with.
  5. Jenean Morrison Flower Designs Coloring Book – Where better to go insane (in a good way) than over a ton of flowers?

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