Fox Coloring Pages – 30 Printable Sheets

Although these printable fox coloring pages can be colored year round, fall is a great time of year for all woodland animals. This coloring page set will delight children big and small because there are many simple fox coloring pages as well as many more detailed ones.

Are you ready to color one of the cutest forest animals? We have a range of fox coloring pages for your preschool and kindergarten kids.

The set includes 30 different fox coloring pages with simple and detailed designs that you can get from our members library.

If you’re not already a member, we’ve rounded up ten free printable fox coloring pages to get you started.

We’re sure they’ll go great with our fall coloring pages (or any other in our collection of hundreds and hundreds of printable coloring pages). Kids can learn how to draw a fox by following our guided tutorial to make autumn even more enjoyable.

Grab these art supplies and let’s get started!

fox in the forest

Foxes like to enjoy their everyday life by observing their surroundings. We believe this fox was standing on its hind legs looking for friends. Take your colored pencils and color in the page.

fox coloring

If you need a cute fox coloring page with large areas, this one is perfect. Kindergarten children can easily dye the fur of the foxes with different shades of orange or any color they like.

fox coloring

Here is a cute fox to color; Isn’t she nice? We love designs with large areas, so even younger children can have fun coloring them.

chasing butterflies

These forest animals are very funny and full of energy: color a fox chasing a butterfly and enjoy the cold season.

After the rain

Sometimes foxes need time to relax after a long day of foraging and playing with their brethren. This cutie is enjoying the rainbow skies. Let’s color the whole page!

fox coloring pages

Grab your favorite markers and color in the smiling fox side. We bet it will look amazing, especially if your kids are wearing a combination of brown, red and orange.

Simple fox coloring

Another lucky vixen wrapped her tail around him. Maybe he’s cold or he just woke up from a warm cave. Run these colors and have fun!

cute fox

Foxes are smart animals and need to be calm when moving through the forest. He has raised his leg and is listening and smelling the surroundings. Add color!

Sleep under the stars

Sleeping under the stars makes these forest animals even cuter. The fox has its tail wrapped around its body and dreams of funny moments in the forest. Color in the fox, the bushes, the stars and the moon with your best art supplies.

Simple fox coloring

Doesn’t this fox look happy? We bet he’ll look amazing after you dye his fur. Don’t forget to color the background as well to make it stand out.

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We have prepared a preview of the rest of the pages that await you in the fox coloring pages in our member library.

Enjoy the day

Ready? Have fun coloring this happy forest animal with your favorite pens and make it stand out by adding color to the background too.

sleep on the grass

You need to carefully choose the place for the nap – this fox folded the grass and made a beautiful bedding from the fallen leaves. We think he fell asleep because a little bird is trying to wake him up. Let’s color the whole page.

friends with a butterfly

Foxes have many different forest friends. We think they are so cute when they play and jump. A butterfly just landed on this fox’s nose and we think they became instant friends. Color the sheet with your favorite markers.

fox coloring

We have another fox with a flying butterfly. Maybe they walked through the woods together, or maybe they just bumped into each other at some point. Color the forest, fox and butterfly and enjoy the fall season.

baby fox

We love foxes, especially baby foxes. They are too adorable and we can’t wait for them to be colored. Kids can also use their favorite markers and colors on the “FOX” legend.

play with the bees

Let’s hunt bees with our markers and make this page as colorful as possible. This fox is not afraid to jump after bees. But don’t worry, we bet they’re friends too. Go!

Fox family

Ready to paint a beautiful forest view? Here are two foxes enjoying their day playing in the bushes and grass. We bet you can make them stand out by coloring the background.


They could jump so far and so fast that we couldn’t catch them if we tried. Foxes are so cute and sometimes goofy; we love her. Grab your crayons and let’s color this sheet!

Easy fox coloring sheet

Looking for easy coloring pages? Print out this fun fox page – it is ideal for young children who need large areas to colour.

hold a ball

Check out this proud fox holding a balloon. Maybe he just celebrated his birthday and is having a party at the studio. Do your markings and also color the fox, the ball and the background to make this woodland animal stand out.

fox with a mushroom

We love the fall season because it brings us lots of forest animals, mushrooms and cool coloring pages to keep kids busy. Let’s color this fox holding a mushroom and enjoy the season.

fox coloring

Ready to color another vixen? We have an easy coloring design for your little ones. Get out those brown, red, or orange crayons and get started.

Dream day

Another sleeping forest animal. Luckily this fox has a bird friend to wake him up and start his day. Color it in with your crayons or other supplies and have fun.

Foxes for coloring

What a beautiful sleeping fox. This coloring is perfect for kindergartens and preschools because of its width. Color it with your favorite markers!

lucky fox

We don’t know if this fox has just woken up and is stretching to prepare for adventure or if it is sleepy and preparing to sleep. We bet it will look great after your kids have colored it with brown, red or orange. Have fun!

fox coloring

Here’s another tired pup waiting to be colored. Grab your markers and color in the fox, and don’t forget to color in the bushes and sky in the background to make it stand out.

to play

These forest animals are so adorable when they play. The two friends have fun chasing each other across the floor. Have fun autumn painting this page.

explore the forest

Ready for an adventure? This fox is confident, look how proud his tail is. We bet it will look amazing after your kids color it.

Coloring foxes in a cave

We found a fox den! Watch the fox and his cub sleep carefree in their safe house. Let’s color the foxes and their well-hidden location using your favorite pens or markers.

look at the moon

Not only wolves, also foxes like to watch the full moon. The sky is so clear that you can see all the stars, especially when you are sitting on a cliff above the forest. Have fun with this fox coloring page.

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fox coloring

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