Fortnite’s guided missiles temporarily disabled, thanks to bug


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Epic Games has temporarily disabled one of these Fortnite battle royalethe most popular and absurd weapon, the guided missile, due to a bug found in the latest game patch.

The developer initially announced that he had deactivated the weapon via a tweet early Wednesday morning, just hours after the patch went live.

“Due to an animation issue with the missile, we are temporarily disabling it until we have a fix,” wrote Epic. “We will inform you as soon as it is solved!”

The weapon is still not available. The patch released today didn’t change the homing missiles much beyond their movement speed, but it looks like these updates somehow destroyed the weapon’s animation. Epic did not provide any further information.

It may take some time for the developer to implement a solution; We’ve reached out to Epic Games for comment. Guided missiles will not reactivate until the bug is fixed, according to Epic, although some fans took to Twitter and the Fortnite battle royaleThe subreddit would rather the gun stay out of the game permanently.

For a full overview of the changes, see the latest Fourteen days real fight Patch can be found in our article.

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