Fortnite Battle Royale guide: Dance on different Dance Floors weekly challenge

In addition to the three ship search challenge Fortnite battle royaleWeek 8 has another mystery. The challenge: Dance on different dance floors. Three of them to be exact. Uh, since when have there been dance floors Fourteen days? Since the last update!

Luckily, you don’t have to dance all three in one game. In fact, we really recommend doing them at the beginning of three different games to remove them. Here are the locations:


Fortnite battle royale Locations for dance floors
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Dance Floor 1 – Flush Factory

Skydive to the east side of the Flush Factory. His first dance floor is in a small building and very easy to find.

Dance Floor 2 – East of Retail Row

East of Retail Row is a small trailer park. There is a large barn in the middle of the park. The dance floor is in the barn (natch). It may take some destruction to get there, depending on which side you’re entering from.

Dance Floor 3 – Southwest Pleasant Park

Head southwest from Pleasant Park and you’ll find a haunted house surrounded by trees. The dance floor is on the ground floor.

With those three out of the way, you’re free to dance wherever your heart flies.

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