[FIXED] Hulu Error Code P-Dev302

The Hulu error code P-Dev302 appears when the Hulu app or device firmware is out of date. The activated anti-tracking function (browser version only) in the browser settings can also be the cause of the respective problem. The user has the issue in question when trying to access Hulu (either via the mobile/TV app or via a web browser), but encounters the following type of message:

“We’re having trouble playing… Hulu Error Code: P-DEV302”

Hulu error code P-Dev302

Before proceeding with the solutions to fix Hulu error code P-Dev302, make sure you have a Ethernet connection (when using Wi-Fi) on the device resolves the issue. Besides, it would be a good idea to delete that device (e.g. television) network equipment (e.g. router/modem), unplug the power cord, wait a minute and then To turn on check if the problem is due to a transient problem.

Solution 1 – Remove devices and add them back to the Hulu account

Temporary communication problems between your device and the Hulu server can cause the Hulu error code P-Dev302. In this case, removing all devices from your Hulu account and adding the current device may resolve the issue. Before proceeding, however, make sure you have the credentials to log into Hulu.

  1. pitch it Hi app and go to user profile Language.
  2. press now log out Y confirm to sign out of your Hulu account.
    Sign out of the Hulu account
  3. later Start anew your device and start a Web Navigator.
  4. Now go to Hulu website Y connection using your credentials.
  5. Then click yours Profile name (near the top right corner of the window) and select invoice (or manage account).
  6. Now open the summary window manage devices (next to Add devices) and Remove all paired devices click Remove in front of each device.
  7. After all devices are removed, open the Hulu app and sign in with your credentials to check if the P-Dev302 issue is resolved.
    Remove devices from the Hulu account

Solution 2 – Update your device’s Hulu app and firmware

Hulu may display error code P-Dev302 if the Hulu app or firmware on your device is out of date. In this scenario, updating the Hulu app and firmware on your device (e.g. Apple TV) may resolve the issue. For illustration, let’s follow the process for the Apple TV and Android versions of the Hulu app (you can follow the instructions depending on your device and app).

Update the Hulu app

  1. open that Google play store and press Investigate.
  2. Come in now Hi then tap in the results Hi.
  3. Then press the button To update button (if an update is available) and after updating, check if you are free from P-Dev302.
    Update the Hulu app

Update the Apple TV firmware

  1. open that settings on your Apple TV and click General.
    Open General in Apple TV settings
  2. Opened Update the software and check if a firmware update is available.
    Update the Apple TV software
  3. If yes, please download and install updates.
    Download and install the Apple TV update
  4. later Start anew TV and verify that the Hulu app is working properly.

Solution 3 – Factory reset your device

The Hulu error code P-Dev302 can occur if the firmware on your device (e.g. Vizio TV) is corrupted. In this scenario, performing a factory reset on your TV can fix the problem. For clarity we follow the process for a Vizio TV, you can follow the instructions according to your device.

  1. Press the Menu on the Vizio remote (if the remote control option is not applicable, use the TV buttons to reset the TV) and select system.
  2. Now open the Reset and manage option and select Factory reset the TV.
    Reset Vizio SmartCast TV to default settings
  3. Once the reset process is complete, set up the TV and verify that the Hulu app is working properly.

If the problem persists, you can use it as a temporary solution stream from your phone (until the problem is finally resolved).

Solution 4 – Disable anti-tracking in browser settings (browser version only)

The P-Dev302 issue can occur if the anti-tracking feature is enabled in your browser’s settings, as it can block Hulu’s ability to meet DRM requirements. In this scenario, disabling anti-tracking in browser settings may resolve the issue. For a more detailed explanation, we will discuss the process for the Chrome browser.

  1. open that settings out of chrome Browser and go to in the left pane privacy & Security Language.
  2. Then in the right pane open ‘Cookies and Other Website Data‘ and uncheck the option to Send a “Do Not Track” request with your browser traffic Moving the switch to the off position.
    Open Cookies and other website data settings in Privacy and security
  3. Now restart the Chrome browser and check if the Hulu issue is resolved.
    Disable sending a Do Not Track request with your browsing traffic
  4. If not, check if starting the browser in InPrivate/Incognito mode (make sure browser extensions are not allowed to run in incognito mode) solves the problem.

If that didn’t work, see if using a different browser (like Edge or Firefox) fixes the Hulu code P-Dev302 issue.

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