Fix: Error Code 0x8019019a when setting up Yahoo Mail in Windows 10 Mail App

the error code 0X8019019A appears when a user is unable to add their Yahoo account to the Mail app due to an outdated or corrupt Mail app installation questionable.

The user encounters the error when trying to add (or repair) a yahoo account to the email app but fails with error 0X8019019A (but the user can add yahoo accounts on other email providers or use). The issue is most commonly reported after a Windows update (user encounters “Your account settings are not up to date” message in Mail app) or password change, but sometimes occurs when Mail app first encounters a Yahoo account is set up. .

Error code 0x8019019a when setting up Yahoo Mail in Windows 10 Mail app

Before proceeding with the Mail app fix solutions, restart your system to rule out a temporary system problem. Also, verify that you can successfully access your email through a web browser using the same credentials you use for the email app. Also ensure that no VPN or proxy server is being used to access the internet (VPN/proxy may work well with the web version of Yahoo Mail but may interfere with access via an email client) .

Solution 1 – Update Windows app and Mail to the latest version

Microsoft updates Windows from time to time to fix reported bugs and add new features. You may not be able to add a Yahoo account to the Mail app unless your system Mail (or Windows) app has been updated to the latest version, as this may cause incompatibilities between system modules. In this regard, updating the Windows and Mail app on your system to the latest version can fix the problem.

  1. Update Windows of your system to the latest version. Make sure there are no more optional updates.
  2. Then press the Windows key and enter post Office. Then right click on Mail and select share, distribute.
    Right-click Mail and choose Share
  3. The Microsoft Store will now launch with the Mail app page and if that doesn’t work, close the Microsoft Store and repeat step 2.
  4. Then check if there is an update available for the Mail app. If so, update the Mail app and reboot your system.
    Update the Windows 10 Mail app
  5. After restarting, check if you can use your Yahoo account with the Mail app.

Solution 2 – Add the Yahoo account to the Mail app again

The Yahoo account problem could be the result of a temporary glitch in the system’s communication modules. The problem can be solved if you delete the Yahoo account and then add it back to the Mail app.

  1. pitch it messaging app and click beads (in the left pane of the window, just below New Email).
    Open the Yahoo account settings in the Mail app
  2. Then click yours Yahoo Account and select Deleting an account.
    Remove Yahoo account from Mail app
  3. now confirm to delete Yahoo account and Start anew Your PC after exiting the Mail app.
    Confirm removing Yahoo account from Mail app
  4. After the restart, add the Yahoo account to the Mail app again and check if the account issue is resolved.
    Add a Yahoo account to the Mail app
  5. If not, repeat the steps above but make sure when adding the Yahoo account that the option to is unchecked stay in contact and check if the account issue is resolved.
    Uncheck Keep me signed in on the Yahoo sign-in page
  6. If the problem persists, repeat steps 1 to 4 but select the option in the Add Account window Other POP, IMAP account (not Yahoo) and then enter the details to add the Yahoo account.
    Select Other account in the Mail app’s Yahoo account settings
  7. Then check if the Mail app works fine with the Yahoo account.

If the problem occurs again, you can check if deleting Yahoo account and adding it again after resetting Yahoo password on the website will fix the problem.

You can try removing all accounts from the Mail app and then adding the Yahoo account again to see if that fixes the problem (note, however, that this step may delete your calendar entries).

Solution 3 – Reset Mail App to Default

You may not be able to add your Yahoo account to the Mail app if your Mail installation is corrupted. In this scenario, resetting the Mail app to default settings may fix the problem.

  1. Press the Windows key and type mail. Then right-click Mail and select application settings.
    Open the messaging app settings.
  2. Now click on the End then the button Start anew However, be aware that all data in the application will be lost, including saved emails/passwords (don’t worry, your emails will be saved on the email provider’s website).
    Quit and reset the messaging app
  3. Then run the messaging app and check if you can add the yahoo account successfully.

Solution 4 – Generate an app password and use it to add the Yahoo account to the messaging app

Due to security issues, Yahoo has implemented countless security features in its accounts. One such feature is the use of application-specific passwords for less secure applications like the Mail app. If your Yahoo username or password isn’t working with the Mail app, using the application-specific password may fix the problem.

  1. Delete your Yahoo account from Mail app (as shown in Solution 2).
  2. Then launch a web browser and go to the Yahoo Mail account information page.
  3. Click now Generate app password (bottom of page) and then expand the dropdown menu from Choose your application.
    Generate app password in yahoo account security
  4. Then select Other app and click on the to generate Button.
    Select Other Application and click Generate
  5. Now copy the generated app password and launch the Mail app on your system.
  6. Then click invoice (in the left pane) and select Add an account (in the right pane).
  7. Now select Yahoo, then enter your credentials but in the password field paste the generated app password (copied in step 5).
    Paste the app specific password on the Yahoo login page
  8. Then check if the Yahoo account is successfully added to the Mail app.
  9. If not, remove the Yahoo account from Mail app (step 1) and then add it again using the app password but select another POP or IMAP account in the Add account window.
  10. Then enter your details and check if the Yahoo account is successfully added to the Mail app.

If the problem persists, you can use the web version of Yahoo Mail (until the problem is resolved) or a 3rd partyDR Party email client like Mozilla Thunderbird. If you’re desperate enough to add a Yahoo account to the Mail app, restarting your PC may fix the problem.


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