Fix: “Disney Plus Stuck on Loading Screen” on PC, TV, PS4 & More

Disney Plus stuck on loading screen PS4 and PS5 users often report the issue. According to users, they got stuck on Disney Plus blue welcome loading screen. This is a terrible problem and it’s not just limited to PS4/PS5 users who like different devices Xbox, Roku, Firestick, Mac, Windows PC, Apple TV, Samsung/Sony/LG TV and iOS/Android devices Users have also encountered the same problem.

Disney Plus stuck on loading screen
Disney Plus stuck on loading screen

This random error causes the Disney+ app to crash, lag and crash. Fortunately, we managed to select the fixes that worked for many users to fix the problem and start using Disney Plus on their devices.

What Causes Disney Plus Stuck on Loading Screen?

Before jumping straight into the fixes, it’s important that you understand what’s causing the error. So, first, find out about the most common culprits that cause this Disney Plus app stuck on loading screen.

  • Bad Internet connection – The main reason for the problem could be an unstable internet connection or your internet connection is not working properly. So before imposing any other solution, check that your internet connection is stable and good enough to use Disney Plus.
  • Corrupt cached data – Some of Disney Plus cache files may be corrupted or damaged and this is causing Disney+ not loading. To fix the problem, try clearing your Steam device’s cache and data
  • IPV6 Incompatibility – Your router’s IPv6 address for DNS might be causing some kind of network configuration conflict. Disabling IPv6 on your router may fix the problem.
  • Disable ad blockers – If you use ad blockers on your PC, you may experience problems starting Disney Plus. So disable adblocker on your PC and the problem will be fixed.

How to fix Disney Plus stuck on loading screen?

Now that you are familiar with the most common culprits that cause the problems, here are the list of solutions to fix the problem on different devices:

Restart the Disney Plus browser/app

Sometimes problems arise due to glitches and bugs. Therefore, it is first recommended to restart your browser and the Disney Plus app. A simple restart can fix various problems and errors.

See if this works for you to fix the problem, or continue to the next possible solution.

Try restarting your streaming device

Many Fire TV and Firestick users have confirmed that restarting their device fixed the issue. Therefore, it is recommended to restart your device you are streaming Disney+ on and see if you can launch it without getting the error.

Clear cache and corrupted data

Your Disney Plus app or browser data and cache may be corrupted and hence you are facing Disney+ stuck on loading screen issue. Clearing Disney Plus data and cache may resolve the issue.

Follow the given instructions:

  1. On your streaming device, open the settings and open Applications, Applications or Application Manager.
  2. And throw Disney+ and click the Force stop button.
  3. Then validate for Force stop Disney Plus and then open warehouse.
  4. Then click the Clear Cache button. After that click on the Clear data button
    Clear the Disney+ app cache
  5. Now confirm to clear data from Disney Plus and run.

After deleting the corrupted data and cache, Check if Disney Plus loading problem is fixed.

Check your internet connection

If your internet connection is bad or not working properly, it can also cause problems and cause problems Disney+ stuck on loading screen issue. Therefore it is important that you check this Internet connection speed or working properly.

Try streaming YouTube or other services to check if it works properly. In addition, you can also switch to a different connection or turn on your mobile hotspot and try to connect.

If you are using Wi-Fi, please switch to an Ethernet cable to get stable internet speed. However, if your internet connection is working fine but the problem still occurs, try the other possible solutions provided.

Disable IPv6 in the router settings

There is an IPv6 address for DNS in the device’s network settings, which allows devices to use DNS. But for some users, it causes Disney Plus loading issues. So Disable IPv6 worked for them to solve the problem completely.

To do this, follow the instructions:

To open the router settings, you must first find the login address, which is located on the back of the router. Most routers use an address like (, but not always.

If you are using a Windows 10 system, please go to to find the login address the settings and click Network and Internet and then click Condition and over View hardware and connection properties.

Now a window will appear with the details of the various network connections, then look for the WiFi or Ethernet entry and find those Default gateway settings to find the IP address of the router. And when you get the right IP address, paste it or type it in your browser’s address bar and press come in.

After entering and finding your router’s login address, enter your login credentials (look for it on the back of your router).

Disney Plus stuck on loading screen
Write the credentials to the router’s login address

When you log into your router firmware, click the the settings then in Advanced configuration options

Disney Plus stuck on loading screen
Select the Advanced Settings option

Then click on the IPv6 and Disable or Disable IPv6 option and save it.

Update Disney Plus

This solution is for those who want to use the Disney+ app on their devices Roku, TV, Firestick, Android, iOS or any other device. Check if an update is available for your app, and then install it.

To check for the update, open the Play Store and see if there is a new Disney update that is no longer available. Now update the app.

I hope that after updating the app on your Windows, Mac or Android device the problem is solved. However, if the problem persists, use Disney Plus in your browser.

Disable ad blockers

This solution is for those who use Disney+ on any browser. Many users have confirmed that ad blockers installed on their device are causing the problem.

So check if you have an adblock extension installed and then disable it. Follow the steps to disable the extension on yours here Chrome browser.

To do this, follow the instructions:

  1. Launch the Chrome browser and click the three dots icon in the top right corner
  2. Now click on More tools and extensions
  3. Then on the Extensions menu, click the ad unit and disable it.
Disable AdBlock in the Extensions menu.

Now check if the Disney Plus stuck on loading screen issue is resolved but if it still won’t load, disable other extensions one by one and try to launch Disney Plus to find the culprit extension and fix it uninstall. . .

Uninstall and reinstall the Disney Plus app

If none of the above solutions work for you, fix the problem. Then Disney Plus app users should try uninstalling and reinstalling the app on their devices.

Just uninstall the app and restart your device. After the device restarts, successfully install the latest version of the Disney Plus app.

Once the app has been installed successfully, try launching it. The problem is now considered solved.

However, if the problem is still not resolved, the only option left is to contact the Disney Plus Help Center.

And let them know about the Disney Plus app crashing and loading screen issue. Try whatever will help you fix the problem on your device.


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