Fix Cannot Start the Application (CE-30005-8) Error on PS4

Application CE-30005-8 fails to launch means the game disc is corrupt or your PS4 system “thinks” your hard drive is corrupt (e.g. when you install a PS4 update and try to play a game via to install the disc, then it may show the current error).

The user encounters the issue when trying to install a game from a disc, but gets the following message:

The application cannot be started.


Error starting application CE 30005 8

Some users have encountered the same error code when connecting an external drive to PS4. In some cases, the error code also appeared when creating a backup of the PS4 console.

You can fix error code CE 30005 8 on PS4 by trying the solutions below, but before that, check if your PS4 has it enough space available (For example, if the game requires 20GB of storage, make sure your PS4 has 40GB of storage available.) Also check if replace wire Connecting the PS4 and hard drive will solve the problem. If the problem is with an external device, check if disk formatting inside Fat File system on the PC and creating a single MBR partition of the entire disk will solve the problem.

If the problem is related to a game disc (You can check the hard drive on other consoles), check if clean disk solves the problem completely. Users report the following Disk Cleanup methods (several attempts) to fix the issue:

  • Clean the disc with a lint-free cloth.
  • Wash the disc with clean water and dry with a lint-free cloth.
  • Place the disc in direct sunlight for 10 minutes.
  • Disk cleaning with WD40.
  • Polish the game disc.

1. Reboot the PS4 console, clean the hard drive and reconnect the power cord

A temporary problem with the PS4 console can cause error code CE 30005 8 to appear, and restarting the PS4 station can fix the problem.

  1. to delete your PS4 and when the lights are off Unplug the power cord from the PS4.
    Disconnect the power cord from the PS4
  2. now wait 2 minutes Y reconnect the console power cord.
  3. In the meantime, take those out disc PS4 and clean it with a soft cloth. Be careful not to apply too much pressure.
  4. later to turn on the console, reinsert the disk and check if it is free of error CE-30005-8.

2. Reinstall the problematic game

Partial installation of the game can cause the PS4 to “think” the game is installed, thus causing error CE-30005-8, even though not all files are available for operation. In this regard, removing the partial installation and reinstalling the game may fix the problem.

  1. Open minded library From your PS4 home screen and in the left pane, go to games Language.
    Open the PS4 console library
  2. Then select the problem with the game (e.g. FIFA) and press the button possibility Key.
    Select the problematic game from the PS4 Library Games tab
  3. select now Extinguish Y confirm to fix the game problem.
    Delete problematic game in PS4 library
  4. Once the game has been removed, Start anew your PS4 and when it restarts, check if reinstalling the game fixes the PS4 issue.
    Confirm to remove the game from the PS4 library

3. Update the PS4 system software to the latest version

Outdated PS4 system software can cause PS4 error code CE-30005-8, and you can fix Failed to start application CE 30005 8 error by updating your PS4 system software.

  1. First, Uninstall problem game same as above but don’t reinstall and make sure no hard disk (DVD, Blu-ray etc.) is present in the PS4 disc drive.
  2. Now do the settings from PS4 and open System software update.
    Open PS4 settings
  3. If an update is available, select it Next button and then click To update.
    Open System Software Update in PS4 settings
  4. Then leave the system software update installed After updating, check if the PS4 CE error code 30005 8 is cleared (you may need to reinstall the game).
    Click Next if a PS4 update is available

If the problem persists, check if using a different network fixes the PS4 issue.

4. Rebuild the PS4 console database

Your PS4 may display error code CE-30005-8 if its database is corrupted. In this regard, rebuilding the database of your PS4 console may solve the problem. Before proceeding, make sure you have backed up all important data on the PS4 console and remove all discs from the PS4 drive.

  1. First, beginning Your PS4 in safe mode and when prompted connect the controller to PS4.
    Connect the controller to the PS4 console
  2. Then scroll down and select the option no. 5 of Rebuild database.
    Rebuild PS4 console database
  3. now confirm to rebuild the database by clicking TO THE RIGHT and let the recovery process complete (this may take some time).
    Confirm PS4 database rebuild
  4. When the database recovery is complete, press the button hp into the controller and select Your PS4 account on the screen.
  5. Opened settings and select warehouse.
    Open Storage in PS4 settings
  6. then open system memory and select recorded data.
    Open the system storage in the PS4 storage settings
  7. now Select problem game (e.g. Red Dead Redemption) and press the button possibility Key.
    Open save data in the PS4 system storage
  8. Then select Extinguish Y to repeat similarly remove all game entries (if there is more than one game entry, delete everything entries individually).
    Erase Red Dead Redemption on saved data in system storage
  9. Now try to install the game again and check if error code CE 30005 8 goes away.

If that didn’t work, Activate debug mode from the console and open debug configuration. Then navigate to Game > Add a content manager > control rights > Game and delete Right to people with disabilities. Then check if the PS4 CE error code 30005 8 is cleared.

Open Add Content Manager in PS4 debugging settings

5. Restart the PS4 console

Corrupt firmware on your PS4 can cause error CE 30005 8 and initialization that resets PS4 console to default settings can fix the PS4 issue. Before proceeding, be sure to back up all important data to a USB stick (or create an online backup).

  1. pitch it settings on your PS4 and choose initialization.
    Open Initialization in PS4 settings
  2. select now Initialize PS4 and click Fully.
    Initialize PS4
  3. later Expect until the PS4 reset process is complete and make sure the PS4 does it Do not switch off During the process.
    Choose Complete for PS4 initialization
  4. Once the reset process is complete, check if error CE 30005 8 is resolved.

6. Reinstall the PS4 console system software

If the initialization of the PS4 didn’t work for you, then you have no choice but to reinstall the PS4 console system software. Before proceeding, make sure to back up all important data on the PS4 console (since all PS4 data will be erased).

  1. First, connect a USB stick a office computer (Windows, Mac, etc.) and format it on the FAT32 file system
  2. now create a new folder on the USB stick and surname east PS4 (Name it in capital letters).
  3. Then open the PS4 folder, create another folder in her and surname it’s like TO UPDATE (Name it in capital letters).
  4. Now do a Web Navigator on the computer and surfing on the official PS4 system software download page.
  5. later Download that PS4 console reinstallation file Y Rename the downloaded file as PS4 UPDATE.PUPPY (Name it in capital letters).
    Download the PS4 console recovery file
  6. now Copy that renamed file to the To update USB flash drive folder (created in step 3) and Connect the USB device on the PS4 console.
    Copy the PS4UPDATE.PUP file to the USB drive
  7. later beginning the PS4 console in the security mode and select option 7 Initialize PS4 (reinstall system software).
    Initialize PS4 (reinstall system software)
  8. Now select the option to Update from USB storage device and click TO THE RIGHT.
    Select Update from USB storage device
  9. After reinstalling the system software of the PS4 console beginning and I hope that error code CE 30005 8 is eliminated.

If none of the solutions worked for you, you can get one new game disc (if you have problems with a hard drive) or get Your PS4 has confirmed a hardware problem.


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