Fish Coloring Pages – 30 Printable Sheets

Life is really colorful under the sea and that is definitely one of the reasons why fish coloring pages are so popular with kids. There are no rules when it comes to choosing and using colors, from basic colors to rainbow fish coloring.

Fish coloring pages to print

The set contains 30 different coloring pages and the set may be available in our members library (but don’t worry we also share several fish coloring pages for free).

If your kids can’t get enough of sea creatures, we have a set of whale coloring pages for them as well as many other amazing coloring pages of both creatures under and above the sea.

If they are tired of drawing, why not ask them to try our step-by-step drawing a fish tutorial too?

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We bet your kids will love them all.

This underwater friend blows bubbles by swimming just below the surface. Use your best colors and color the entire page. You can use different shades of blue or green to color the sea.

fish and shark

Does a shark catch a fish or is it the other way around? We think this coloring page will be great for summer vacation or learning about the underwater world.

swim with fish

Jump into the sea, grab your art supplies and color in a dolphin and two fish swimming overhead. We think they would look fabulous in bright colors.

Fish coloring page

Need a good fish color for your little ones? This goldfish is ready for your pens – you can use orange, yellow, blue or any other color you like. It will look nice if you also add colors to the background.

happy fish coloring

We love tropical fish because they are so colorful and love coral reefs. Try to color the whole page. It is perfect for young students as it contains large areas of colour.

Explore the seabed

Fish love to explore the seabed: these two goldfish are looking at a shell and the corals that live on the seabed. Color the fish, seaweed and sea with your favorite colors.

Fish coloring page

Look how calm they are, two fish using their day to swim. Color these clown fish with your markers and highlight them with bright colors.

Fish coloring page

Do you think this goldfish will send us a big kiss? You’re right, and she blew blisters too. This site will be a good option for the youngest.

sleeping sea animal

Here’s another sea beauty floating on kelp. Or maybe you sleep and dream of underwater adventures. We’re going to color the entire page and make it stand out.

Tropical fish coloring page

Fish are curious animals, especially dorados, who like to explore every nook and cranny they can find. They also like to hide, but these two aren’t shy and just waiting to be colored.

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Here’s an overview of the rest of the 30 fish coloring pages we’ve put together.

fish friends

There are so many different sea creatures in the sea that we can’t stop coloring them all. These three fish friends also made soap bubbles. Enjoy summer vacation by coloring the whole page.

sleep in the seaweed

Fish need to sleep too, and to be safe they need to find a nice spot somewhere between sea grass, rocks or in the shade of a coral reef. This fish has decided to take a nap hidden at the bottom of the ocean. color it!

Swim in the ocean

Here is another fun fish coloring page for your students. You can color each fish with a different marker and add the blue background to make it stand out.

Color puffer fish

Puffer fish are known to puff up their spiny bodies to make them appear larger. This protects them from predators and it has to be said that they are very good at it. Have fun coloring the whole page.

play in the sea

Two goldfish friends swim in the water. We think they’ll have a lot of fun and we bet they’ll look great after your kids have colored their scales different colors.

Intricate fish coloring page

Ready for an intricate fish coloring page? This sea friend has such beautiful scales. Run these marks and color the entire page. It is useful for older children or those who want to practice color detail.

Fish coloring page

We love tropical fish because they have a wide variety of body colors. The king angelfish is one of them: it is usually seen striped in orange, blue and white, but you can color it however you like.

effortless swimming

Sea life is full of adventure. These two fish are enjoying it to the fullest, and they’ll look great after you color them and the background with it.

Coloring pages friends of the sea

what do we have here A cute group of sea creatures, one of which is a swordfish. We bet you recognize it. Grab your art supplies and have fun!


The seabed is rich in various plants, rocks and fish food. They love to swim across coral reefs in search of adventure. Have fun coloring the fish coloring sheet.

coloring of sea creatures

Do you recognize these sea creatures? We bet yes! Here is a cute page with a fish, a shrimp, a turtle and a crab – a perfect coloring page for the summer holidays.

Fish coloring page

As we said, we love tropical fish, and these two angelfish are going to be great color options. Kids can use whatever markers they want, and if you really want to stand out, we recommend coloring the background.

sleep on the reef

We love watching fish sleep and we know you will love this coloring page. Color the fish, bubbles, reef and sea with the color of your choice.


Clownfish come in a variety of colors, not just orange. They can be yellow, reddish or blackish. We encourage you to decide for yourself what your fish will look like.

Enjoy the sea life

Another group of fish friends enjoying the sea life. Grab your art supplies and enjoy the summer holidays by making this page as colorful as you like.

activity on the sea floor

There is a lot going on at the bottom of the sea. Most fish find shelter there, some just come to visit. We know your kids will love coloring the entire page.

Coral reef fun

Another beautiful coral reef coloring sheet. There are so many different creatures that live in these protected areas. Let’s do some magic on this coral reef by giving it some color. Don’t forget to color the fish and the seabed as well.

marine life

The oceans are full of animals and this time we are going to color a fish, an octopus and a seahorse on one page. Get your art supplies and have fun.

Coloring picture of monkfish

Some fish live very deep in the ocean. It’s so dark in there; They had to adapt by having small lamps on their foreheads that illuminated their daily lives. Have fun coloring this monkfish coloring sheet.

Fish coloring page

To complete the coloring page set, we have a cute butterfly fish coloring book for your kids. She will look perfect in bright colors. you could try

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