Firestick Won’t Turn On? Use these fixes

Fire Stick is really easy to use when it comes to streaming something on your TV. One of the problems that users face while using the Fire TV Stick is when it won’t turn on. It turns out that in some cases when trying to turn on the Firestick, a no-signal message pops up. This message may not always appear on the screen, as there are cases when the TV does not display anything when connected.

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Such a problem usually has no obvious cause, since various factors play a role here. In some cases, the problem may be caused by a problem with the power adapter, while in other cases, the power cord may not be plugged in properly. Most of the time, the power cord or power adapter is the culprit in such cases as it cannot properly power your device, which is why it won’t turn on. However, it is also possible that the problem is caused by your TV. In this case, you simply have to perform a hard reset of your device. Let’s go through the different possible solutions that you can implement to get your Fire Stick working again. So without further ado, let’s get down to business.

Restart FireTV

The first thing you should do when you encounter the problem at hand is to make sure everything is connected properly. It often happens that the device cannot be switched on properly because the power cord on the back is loose. Checking something this simple is always the best way to troubleshoot a problem, because if the problem really was the cause, it saves you from going through all the hassle of first finding out the cable is bad.

So to restart your TV and reconnect, Unplug the power cord on the back of the device and pull the mains plug out of the socket. Then reconnect the power cord from the back and plug it into the power outlet as well. Let’s see if that fixes the problem.


Hard reset Fire TV

Finally, in some cases, if simply restarting the device doesn’t work for you, you can perform a hard reset to get it working again. This will clear any cache files stored by the TV and you’re good to go. To do this, follow the instructions below:

  1. First, make sure the TV is turned on.
  2. Later, Turn off the TV the socket. After that, disconnect the Firestick from the HDMI socket Your TV too.
    Disconnect the fire stick
  3. once you have done this, hold down the power button Your TV for approx 30 to 40 seconds.
    TV power button
  4. Then plug the Firestick back into the HDMI port, and then plug your TV into the power outlet.
  5. At this point, you can turn on your TV and make sure you’re switching to the correct HDMI input channel for the Firestick.
  6. Let’s see if the problem persists.

Check the power supply and HDMI cable

If the above solutions don’t work for you, the TV might not work properly at all. This is where the power adapter or power cords come into play, power adapters can usually break or the cord can be easily damaged because it is no longer working properly. In this case, the device will also stop working naturally. Therefore, you need to check the power adapter or power cord you are using and make sure it is properly connected. You can even get a working power adapter and try it out to see if that fixes the problem.

FireStrick® HDMI Cable

Also, the HDMI cable used to connect the Fire Stick to your TV can itself cause a problem. If the cable is loose or damaged, you will not get an input source and therefore the Firestick will not turn on. So check this with the power supply as well to really narrow down the source of the problem.

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