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Summon new heroes

When you win bullets Heroes of the Fire Emblem When you clear cards for the first time (as a reward for logging in for the day or completing other unusual objectives), you can spend them to recruit new team members who perform better in battle. However, they are not cheap. The cost of each hero depends on the number of heroes you summon in a single ritual (the process by which you summon new heroes). The breakdown is as follows:

  • First hero = 5 orbs
  • Second hero = 4 bullets
  • Third hero = 4 bullets
  • Fourth hero = 4 bullets
  • Fifth hero = 3 bullets

If you abandon a ritual, you’ll have to start over the next time you want to summon heroes. Ideally you should start the rituals that will result in you having 20 orbs and summoning the five to the fois and you will spawn five orbs to connect with whoever summons one to the fois in the coûterait but it is parfois difficile d ‘ have patience.

Summons and Stones

When summoning, keep in mind that the color of the stone you select on this summoning screen (which is not an item in your inventory) will affect the type of hero you receive. Red stones spawn warriors who prefer swords, green stones summon ax admirers, blue stones spawn heroes who rely on spears, and colorless stones summon archers. (These are examples only, as each stone can have more than one weapon type associated with it.)

group type

The screen that appears before the actual summoning ritual lets you choose the type of party you’re interested in. For example, just before launch, you can focus on legendary heroes or characters with deep devotion. The legendary hero pool increases your chances of summoning series protagonists like Marth and Lucina, while the Deep Devotion character includes a variety of powerful warriors like Camilla and Takumi. Various groups are offered at regular intervals as soon as the current groups are no longer available.

spawn rate and stars

Click the Spawn Rates button for a breakdown. Five-star target characters are extremely rare (because they start with many powerful skills acquired and have the ability to learn others without you having to waste a lot of time and valuable resources to level up to the point), while three-star characters are common. If you summon five heroes in a row without getting a five star hero, the chance of getting one on your next summon will increase with each new summon until this event eventually occurs. After that, the standard rates apply again.


Details: Order your characters

If you click the Details button, you can access a list of characters that belong to each category. There are dozens of characters, and you may get the same character multiple times, but duplicates can have slightly different stats, making one better than the other. This even extends to the number of stars.

For example, it is possible to get a three-star Marth and a four-star Marth, and the latter is far superior because it can acquire more powerful skills. Pay close attention to the heroes you summon to ensure you have the most useful allies on your active teams.

beginning of the rite

Once you’ve decided which group you want to summon, you can begin the appropriate ritual, one hero at a time. A group of five different colored stones will appear and you have to press the one that interests you. Once you’re done summoning, it’s time to see how you can make adjustments to your active party. After all, you may have a new superstar in your midst.

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