Fingerprint Snowmen Ornaments – Christmas Ornaments for Kids

Are you still missing the special decoration for your Christmas tree? Make these cute thumbprint snowman decorations.

We made the paper snowman a few days ago, but snowmen are so much fun to make.


Christmas decorations made by children can be a wonderful Christmas tradition, they can create a new one every year, and over the years their tree will be filled with unique ornaments (and full of memories).

Make the fingerprint snowman ornaments


  • Non-toxic craft paints
  • Colours: white, black, orange and of your choice.
  • to brush
  • Lightbulb style ornaments
  • ornament hanger
  • paper napkins



These decorations can be made for fun and make a great souvenir gift!

Grab whichever bulb you prefer, we tried glitter bulbs too and it worked! I was afraid the color wouldn’t last.

Paint your (or your child’s) index finger white and press the lightbulb to create the snowman’s body.

Do this with each finger until you reach the number of snowmen you want on your lightbulb. Leave to dry completely.

Use craft paint and small brushes to create the face.

Try adding hats, scarves, arms and more to make them super cute!

More snowman crafts for kids for kids

Need something to keep your little ones busy? Let them make this cotton ball snowman or round cotton snowmen. This bobble snowman, on the other hand, is a perfect craft for slightly older children.


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