Final Fantasy 14 guide: Which Grand Company should you join?

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Before you can get a mount Last fantasy 14You have a big decision to make: you have to choose a great company to join.

The three big companies FFXIV They are ruled by characters you meet throughout the story, and they settled in some of the major cities early on in the game. the immortal flames I come from Ul’dah. the maelstrom Works by Limsa Lominsa. The Order of the Double Viper is located in Gridiania.

In this FFXIV guide, we’ll help you decide which great company to join. We’ll explain the differences between each, what to consider before choosing, how to earn Company Seals, and how to rank up.

What a great company to join

At lvl. 20 in the main story of a kingdom is rebornRepresentatives from each Great Company will approach him.

In order to advance through the story, you must choose one of the three main corporations to ally with. Although every great company has a specific aesthetic, philosophy and foundation, there is no technical difference between them. Choosing a great company is primarily a matter of preference. There is objectively no better large company.

  • The Immortal Flames are a group of veteran soldiers led by Raubahn Aldynn.

  • The Maelstrom is a powerful naval force led by Merlwyb Bloefhiswyn.

  • The Order of the Twin Vipers is a band of proud wizards and archers led by Kan-E-Senna.

Although you may have to select the party from the city you started the game in, you don’t have to. The only thing to keep in mind is which Great Company you find most interesting.

Another aspect to consider when choosing a great company is aesthetics, since the weapons Y gear they offer correspond to the topic of this group.

Once you’ve chosen a great company, you’ll be given a company-specific version of a mission called “the company you keep.” If you complete this mission, you will join a great company.

This is how you get corporate seals and level up

Each of the Great Companies offers many ranks, much like an Organization or an Army. You can level up in a Great Company by completing quests and events that present themselves Company stamp.

The Grand Company store in Final Fantasy 14

You pay for items in a large company with company stamps.
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Further company stamps can be obtained as follows:

  • Complete FATE in the open world
  • Complete entries in the Great Company’s hunt book
  • Accept and fulfill the mandates of the great corporation
  • Complete supply and supply missions.

Redeem stamps to rank up, and earn better gear, crafting materials, and more as you rank up.

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