Final Fantasy 14 guide: How to get the Final Fantasy 15 Regalia car mount

In Final Fantasy 14, a Viera sits atop Mount Regalia.

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that final fantasy 14 online event that brings Last fantasy 15 The Regalia car mount has since returned to the game September 13th to October 18th. After completing an event quest, you can unlock Noctis’ outfit, get his hairstyle, and take the Regalia mount. Our FFXIV explains what you need to do to unlock the Regalia car mount and complete the side quest.

To get the goods you need to do the quest. “The Man in Black” out of Kipih Jakkya Inside Ul’Dah, not Nald. She’ll be right in front of the Pugilist’s Guild near the Aetheryte. To qualify for the mission, you must be at least level 50 and have the main stage quest “The Ultimate Weapon” Complete.

Purchasing the Regalia Type-G title and other rewards in FFXIV

Completing the quest will reward you with Noctis’ outfit parts, but if you want his hairstyle or the Regalia car mount you’ll need to teleport to The Gold Saucer.

A split map showing a Vendor NPC on the left, with a map showing where they are in front of The Gold Saucer's main office on the right

Graphics: Julia Lee/Polygon | Image Credit: Square Enix

In The Gold Saucer, a “Hardware Vendor” NPC sells loot for MGP, a type of currency you can only earn in The Gold Saucer. That “Type-G Regalia Title‘ that gives you the mount is 200,000 BEV. The haircut, “Modern Aesthetic – Lucian Locks” it is 20,000 BEV. that Noctis Triple Triad card it is 10,000 BEV.

Earn MGP fast

Obtain popYou can play various mini-games themed around The Gold Saucer, including GATE, which lets you play limited-time event games that require you to move, dodge enemy attacks, or even climb a cliff.

The most lucrative way to earn MGP fast is to create a weekly fashion report, which requires you to wear specific clothes every week. Although it can be confusing (because there are so many outfits in the game), Fashion expert Kaiyoko Star posts Friday’s infographic of the week on her Twitter. You can get up to 60,000 MGP per week by doing Fashion Report.

You can also take advantage of the Free Company’s “Jackpot” benefit to further boost your winnings.

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