Final Fantasy 14 guide: How to get a mount

A fighter and a chocobo in Final Fantasy 14

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The beginning of final fantasy 14 online is to walk everywhere. While you can fast travel through any Aetheryte you encounter, you must first visit them in person. The quickest way to get around without teleportation is to get one increase.

In this FFXIV In this guide, we’ll tell you how to unlock your Chocobo mount. We’ll show you the quests leading to it, as well as the requirements to get one.

When can you get the chocobo mount?

You have a chance to get a chocobo mount level twenty.

As you progress through the main story, you will be asked to join one of the three main companies in the game: the immortal flames from Ul’dah, the maelstrom by Limsa Lominsa, or The Order of the Double Viper in the Gridian.

Once you figure out which major corporation to pick, you’ll be given a corporation-specific version of a quest called “the company you keep.”

If you complete the mission, you will join the ranks of a great company. From there, you’ll need to complete various quests to unlock the Great Company’s specific currency, which you can use to unlock your mount.

How to get the chocobo mount

After becoming a member of a large company, take the quest titled “my little chocobo.” The reward for this little quest is an item that allows you to summon your own chocobo.

This quest requires you to donate an item called Chocobo Show to a character from your Great Company. You can purchase this item from your Great Company quartermaster for 200 corporate brands.

The Grand Company store in Final Fantasy 14

Big companies don’t accept gil. You must pay in Seals of the Great Company.
Image: Square Enix via Polygon

To get company stamps you can:

  • Complete FATE in the open world
  • Complete entries in the Great Company’s hunt book
  • Accept and fulfill the mandates of the great corporation
  • Complete supply and supply missions.

After purchasing the Chocobo Edition, give the item to your Grand Company character. Then you get the Chocobo Whistlewhich you can use to summon your chocobo.

As you progress through different areas of the game and complete missions, your chocobo will run faster through those areas. once you’re done a kingdom is rebornYou will unlock the ability to fly with your chocobo.

on lev. 30 you will get the quest titled “my fiery little chocobo.” Completing this will allow your chocobo to fight at your side, level up, and learn new skills.

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