Feeling creative? Follow the year’s hottest trend for Christmas window painting at home

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  • It’s an even more special festive and festive year as we see Christmas decorations bolder than ever. Christmas window murals are becoming the latest trend in decorating our homes this year.

    Party trends: Netflix’s Mr. Christmas reveals why outdoor Christmas decorations are great this year

    Pinterest saw a 50% increase in searches for “Christmas window decorations.” In particular, searches for “Christmas window paintings” tripled from last year.

    Christmas Trends in Window Painting

    This new trend, once seen as store advertising, shows that more and more people are looking to inspire positivity in their own homes. Send a pleasant message to the neighbors around you after a challenging year.

    interior window painting ideas

    While professionals like Our Tiny Windows (above) make stores look festive, homeowners are taking advantage of this new trend to do it for themselves. how to do it at home…

    city ​​painting

    Simple images of Scandinavian houses and windmills set the stage for a charming community atmosphere. If you’re sure, you can draw the house with a freehand pen, or draw your pattern and stick it on the back of the window to use as a transfer.

    Drawing Toolbox

    Framed windows with holly and berries are enough to make the view more festive.

    Write a message in the window

    Emotional words are the easiest way to connect everything you see. “Leave a little sparkle wherever you go,” said the uplifting message.

    Handmade jewelry

    For those who rely on color, can you add some nice pastel shades to enhance the look? This window looks bright thanks to the pastel jewelry illustrations.

    Frost with snowflakes and angels.

    The pure white paint color is perfect for adding cute snowflakes and angels.

    message santa

    What a Merry Christmas window! Featuring characters from this elf movie, including elf friends, this Santa message is perfect for family homes that incorporate this interior design trend.

    masterpiece of painting

    Well, this window painting deserves to be shown in an art gallery because it’s almost obnoxious that it’s washed off after Christmas, it’s beautiful. We imagine this cheeky homeowner used washable poster paint to create this masterpiece.

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