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Fantina is the fifth Gym Leader in shiny diamond Pokémon Y shiny pearl, and she’s a ghost specialist in Hearthome City. Our Hearthome Gym Leader Guide will help you by listing your group and recommending counters that you can find nearby.

Hearthome City Gym Challenge

To get to Fantina, you need to correctly answer a few simple math questions by going through the door with the appropriate answer. If you choose the wrong gate, you will have to fight against a trainer. However, if you have more work to do, it might be a good idea to answer on purpose.

Fantine’s Pokemon

Fantina uses Ghost-type Pokemon, and they love using Confuse Ray. Use the following items:

  1. drift blimLevel 32, Ghost/Flying
  2. GengarLevel 34, spirit/poison
  3. mismagiusGhost level 36

Note that his Gengar’s ability is Hover, meaning no ground movements will hit him.

Fantine counter

Fantine’s special type is annoying as Ghost-types are only weak against Ghost and Dark-type attacks. In general, you shouldn’t use any other Ghost-type against them as it will also deal super effective damage to your Pokemon, but you can if your Ghost-type Pokemon is faster than theirs.

Dark-type Pokémon can be difficult to find, but many Pokémon learn the Dark-type attack Bite as they level up. You can also take advantage of Drifblim’s dual flight type to use Electric-type attacks against it.

You can find counters in the following locations:

  • hospitable spirit
  • Pikachu, electric

Although you can find these Pokemon along these routes, they need to evolve and level up.

Fantina Gym rewards

Once you’ve defeated Fantina, you can use those HM surf outside of combat, allowing you to cross bodies of water. She will also give you several copies of it TM65so you can teach it to your Pokemon shadowclaw, a powerful Ghost-type attack that has a high critical hit chance. You also get stickers to decorate your Poké Balls.

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