Fall Guys PSA: Remember to actually grab the crown


Image: Mediatonic/Devolution Digital

If you are lucky enough to make it from the qualification stage to the final battle Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Without falling victim to anarchy or trolls, your task is to grab the crown at the end of the level. Sounds simple and straightforward, right? The game is clear in its language about what you should do. And yet you’d be surprised how often people miss victory at the last second.

You see, it’s extremely easy to aim for the crown and believe that if you get it first, you will win. But no, you literally have to enter the crown with the button dedicated to this action, otherwise it doesn’t count, as some people have painfully learned firsthand.

This final win condition reminds me a lot of what happens at the end of a A Game where you technically have to SAY “uno” in addition to only having one card left; otherwise it doesn’t count! And it’s true, in the heat of the moment you can panic and lunge for the crown instead of catching it. Some players have even discovered this fall guys You can get carried away and register no grave, which Polygon asked developer Mediatonic about. But anyway, make sure you get the crown the intended way if you want to win and potentially buy some fancy new skins with your run.

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