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when you tried to play FFXIV: Extreme Wanderers, you have undoubtedly encountered connection problems and errors. Our FF14 explains what all these error codes mean and how to avoid them (if possible).

What about the connection queue?

Simply put, too many people are trying to sign up and play. FF14. The connection queue allows people to connect without putting too much pressure on the servers but because a lot of people are trying to play walkerthe tail is very long.

FF14 It grew in popularity over the summer and the servers couldn’t keep up. While Square Enix had plans to add more servers and upgrade existing ones, the shortage of superconductors caused by the coronavirus pandemic dashed those plans.

There is a forced disconnect if your character doesn’t move for more than 30 minutes to fix this issue.

What is the FFXIV 2002 error?

This means there are too many people in the connection queue. If there are more than 21,000 people queued for your world, you’ll get Error 2002. Luckily, if you quickly connect and requeue after this error logs you out, you should be able to get your seat back.

What is FFXIV Error 3001?

This happens when players’ connections exceed the given limit, so they are unable to connect to the lobby server. This is one of the most frustrating errors as it prevents you from regaining your place in the queue if it persists.

For a more detailed explanation of these bugs and how the team is working to fix them, you can check out a Lodestone article written by the game’s producer, Naoki Yoshida.

How can I connect and play when there are so many connection issues?

Patience. You’ll need to queue in front of your console or PC and be ready to re-queue when you get 2002. If you don’t reconnect quickly when you get the 2002 error, you’ll be placed at the end of the queue. To do this quickly, some PC gamers run multiple instances of the client, enter their credentials, and then wait for them to hit the play button until they’re kicked out. That way, they can quickly get their game up and running again.

We also realize that this is the case In the early hours of the morning there is almost no connection queue, and the lineups start piling up in the thousands around 1-2pm EST. However, we don’t necessarily recommend signing up early, especially if you’re not actively playing during these times. This only adds to the server load and makes the connection queuing problem worse since you are basically sitting AFK.

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