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Cynthia as she appears in Pokémon Shining Diamond and Shining Pearl

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After earning all eight badges in Pokemon bright diamond Y shiny pearlYou will be ready to challenge Pokemon Leagueconnection elite Four and the champion. You’ll have to fight five trainers back-to-back without the Pokemon Center being healed in between.

Our Pokemon bright diamond Y Shiny Pearl Pokémon The Elite Four and Champion Guide is packed with our top picks for defeating the Elite Four and Champion Cynthia, including details on the Pokémon that use them.


  • The Elite Four, explained
  • explained Cynthia
Elite Four Pokémon
  • Aaron’s Pokemon
  • Bertha’s Pokemon
  • Flintstone’s Pokemon
  • Lucien’s Pokémon
Champion Cynthia’s Pokemon

The Elite Four, explained

You’ll face four trainers called the Elite Four, each with their own type specialty, just like the gym leaders you faced before. It might seem like the only thing you can bring is a buzzer that counters its type, many of its Pokemon have moves to… well, counter its counters. You say the phrase “Why do you know this train?” ” a lot.

Upgrade your team high enough to beat them without worry. If you are at low level, go back to victory road and grind some more.

explained Cynthia

The master, Cynthiahas no typographic specialty, and his snack food He is known for his ability to break matches. Be prepared for their team, as many of them will tear your Pokemon apart if given the chance. KO as many of your Pokémon as possible in one hit.

Also, be sure to buy plenty complete restorations Y revitalize before entering the first fight so you can manually heal your team between fights. This is also the best time to use Max Revives, Elixirs, or any other rare healing items you find on your journey.

We’ve listed the Elite Four and Champion parties below.

Elite Four Pokémon

Here are the Pokemon details for Aaron, Bertha, Flint, and Lucian: The Elite Four below shiny diamond Pokémon Y Shiny Pearl Pokémon.

Aaron’s Pokemon

  1. DustoxLevel 53, bug/poison
  2. NiceLevel 53, bug/steal
  3. VespicesLevel 54, bug/steal
  4. HercrossLevel 54 bug/fight
  5. flagLevel 57, Poison/Darkness

Aaron is a Bug Specialist and his Pokemon are primed. Many of its Pokémon know Rock-type moves that will counter any Flying or Fire-type Pokémon you try to knock it out with. You can safely use Rock-type Pokemon against his team and take down Drapion with a Ground-type move.

Bertha’s Pokemon

  1. swampLevel 55, water/earth
  2. sudowoodoLevel 56 rocks
  3. golemLevel 56, rock/ground
  4. whiskeyLevel 55, water/earth
  5. hypodocdonLevel 59, Earth

Bertha is a land type specialist. You definitely want a grass type to take down Quagsire and Whiscash since both have a 4x weakness to that type. Bertha doesn’t have that many counters, so just use your usual Water, Grass, or Fighting-type attacks to take out her party quickly.

Flintstone’s Pokemon

  1. fastashLevel 58 fire
  2. steelixLevel 57, Steel/Ground
  3. drift blimLevel 58, Ghost/Flying
  4. LopunnyLevel 57 normal
  5. hellLevel 61, Fire/Fight

Flint’s Party is a bit of a joke because, despite being labeled as a Fire-Type Trainer, only two of its Pokémon are actually Fire-Types. However, they all have at least one Fire-type move. Like Bertha, Flint shouldn’t pose much of a problem. It uses Water-types to put out its flames, Fighting-types for Steelix and Lopunny, and Dark-types for its Drifblim.

Lucien’s Pokémon

  • Mr pantomime, Level 59, Psychic/Fairy
  • GirafarigLevel 59, Normal/Psychic
  • medicineLevel 60 Combat/Psycho
  • AlakazamLevel 60, Psychic
  • BronzongLevel 63, Steel/Psychic

Lucian is a Psychic-type Specialist, meaning most of his Pokemon can be quickly taken down with Dark- or Ghost-type attacks. The exception to this is his Girafarig, which is immune to ghost attacks. Blast them with a nice crunch, a fairly common Dark-type move among Pokemon that you’ll likely have. someone in order to.

Champion Cynthia’s Pokemon

  • SpiritombLevel 61, Ghost/Darkness
  • rosaryLevel 60, herb/poison
  • gastronLevel 60, water/earth
  • LucaireLevel 63, Combat/Steel
  • miloticLevel 63, water
  • snack foodLevel 66 Dragon/Ground

There’s a reason so many people joke about Cynthia being a nightmare, and it’s because she is. Their diverse team makes planning difficult, and many of them hit so hard that you need to take them out immediately before they make a big dent in your party.

Many of them have weaknesses that are easy to exploit, but speed is the name of the game as their Pokemon will counter you if you try to exploit their weaknesses. Between Milotic knowing Ice Beam (because of course he does) and Gastrodon knowing Sludge Bomb, Cynthia is a boring fight.

His Garchomp, in particular, is a high-level monster. If you try to exploit his Quad weakness against Ice types, he will use Earthquake and it will hurt him badly. However, if you have a non-Ice type that knows Ice type moves, this is your best bet to defeat him. Knock him out quickly, because he also knows Swords Dance, a move that greatly increases his Attack, enough to make a grown man cry or at least seriously injure a dragon’s claw.

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