Elden Ring Sellen location, quest walkthrough

You will probably meet Sell ​​witch in pretty early elden ring, when you discover the basement beneath the Waypoint Ruins in Limgrave. His quest will take him across the Midlands, meeting other characters like the witch hunter Jerren, and even revealing what to do with the silent figure chained to the witchbane ruins.

When you’re ready to launch on Sellen, head to the waypoint ruins.



  • Stage 1: Defeat Crazy Pumpkin Head
  • Step 2: Enroll in the Sellen School of Witchcraft and Wizardry


  • Step 3: Find Azure
  • Stage 4: Return to Sellen
  • Step 5: Find Master Lusat


  • Step 6 – Defeat General Radahn
  • Step 7 – Talk to Witch Hunter Jerren
  • Tier 8: Sellen’s Soul House (Witchbane Ruins)


  • Step 9: Seluvis Puppet

Chapter 1: You are a wizard, clouded

Stage 1: Defeat Crazy Pumpkin Head

At the bottom of the stairs in Waypoint Ruins you will find a boss named crazy pumpkin head. Suitable for an early game boss, it shouldn’t cause you too much trouble. If you need a little help, get it. Bell calls the spirits talking to the witch who appears in the Elle Church the night after accessing his horse. Once you get the bell, you can summon Spirit Ashes during boss fights by using them from your item bar. With the help of the wolf pack spirit provided by the witch, you should be able to kill Mad Pumpkin Head with relative ease.

Step 2: Enroll in the Sellen School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Through the door you meet the witch Sellen who, after a dialogue, invites you to become her student. Once you have the opportunity to buy her spells, buy everything she offers to unlock more dialogue.

You can’t start Sellen’s side quest again until you get past Limgrave. Proceed and Beat Raya Lucaria – with our tutorial from Raya Lucaria Academy – and reach the plateau of Altus before proceeding.

Chapter 2: A motley crew of outcast mages

Step 3: Find Azure

To further your quest to find Sellen, you must meet a strange wizard named azure. You can find it on Mount Gelmir, after which hermit village. Achieving this can be quite difficult, so we’ll outline the easiest way to get there.

From the Grace of Erdtree-Gazing Hill site on the Altus Plateau, head north up the rocky slope until you reach the Wyndham Ruins. You may have to dodge or do a shin sailor Fight here if you haven’t already. On the west side of the ruin is the Seethewater River Grace Site at the mouth of a deep gorge. Follow this canyon north and then west and you’ll eventually find this Seethewater Terminus Place of Grace.

West of Seethewater is the terminus strong contribution. There’s not much to do there, so go past it and south to a large shallow lava lake where you’ll be attacked by one Magma Wyrm Boss. From there, go down the path and you will eventually reach hermit village. Mistake Demi-human Queen Maggie on the north side of town, then drive a bit further to find it Primordial Sorcier Azur Place of Mercyand nearby Grace’s namesake.

Stage 4: Return to Sellen

After meeting Azur and accepting the blue kite magic from her, you can finally return to Sellen and continue her quest. She will tell you about her love for taboo sparkling stone witchcraft and ask you to help her find one of her masters. she will give you Sellian’s Seal Breaking Key.

Step 5: Find Master Lusat

Sellen doesn’t give you much to work with other than a hint that Lusat might be hiding nearby. Sellia, city of witchcraft in the eastern Caelid. To find it you have to walk Sellia’s hideout care for. You can get to the dungeon entrance by solving the Sellia, Town of Sorcery puzzle if you wish (check out our Millicent quest guide for a full guide on how to do this). Alternatively you can jump into the spirit well just west of Fort Faroth.

Either way, look for a rock face that hides the illusory entrance to the dungeon. Look for the large tombstone that is guarded by a large wizard and has an item on a corpse at its base. Attack the cliff just beyond to gain access to the dungeon. After several more illusory walls, you’ll come to a room with several crystals forming walkways over a chasm; Scroll down and find a mage guarding a tunnel leading to the Lusat location.

Return to Sellen for more talks, then prepare for another long detour if you haven’t already defeated him. Starsbane Radahn.

Chapter 3: Reboot the Stars

Step 6 – Defeat General Radahn

If you haven’t already, go to Red Mane Castle in southern Caelid and defeat Starscourge Radahn. Sellen will point that out if you give this to him letter of introduction out of Seluvis to the Three sisters. The mighty Radahn has stopped the stars, and the fate of all sorcerers, even the outcasts, is tied to them.

Step 7 – Talk to Witch Hunter Jerren

The castellan of Redmane Castle, Jeren, is available for discussion in the throne room after your battle with his master, Radahn. Exhaust his dialogue, then return to the waypoint ruins.

Tier 8: Sellen’s Soul House (Witchbane Ruins)

Your teacher will ask you to meet her at Witchbane Ruins in South Limgrave, im weeping peninsula, where his real body is imprisoned. When you arrive she will give you an item with the name on it Sellen’s original shiny stonewhat it informs you of is its literal essence.

The Elden Ring map showing the location of the Witchbane ruins.

Sellen Witchbane Ruins
Image: FromSoftware/Bandai Namco via Polygon

Stitch Sellen for Brillstone.

Image: FromSoftware/Bandai Namco via Polygon

When you reload the area, Jerren should spawn in the basement. If he doesn’t, try going back to Redmane Castle and talking to him again. Jerren will reveal that Sellen, your beloved teacher, is a mass murderer. According to him, “countless sorcerers have fallen into their hands”. He will also confess that he doesn’t believe that she is really dead.

Let’s agree with him and complete the Sellen quest once and for all.

Chapter 4: The price of knowledge

Step 9: Seluvis Puppet

When you have explored the area Three sisters, you may have already stumbled upon Seluvis’ spooky basement filled with realistic “dolls”. Otherwise, look for an illusory floor that hides a run down staircase in plain sight. Ranni’s rise.

Sellen Elden Ring Keller Seluvis

Image: FromSoftware/Bandai Namco via Polygon

Head down the stairs and in front of another false wall you’ll find a corpse that looks like Sellen’s. Give him the Primal Glintstone and Sellen will wake up and thank you for reviving him.

Step 10: Make your choice

The final phase of Sellen’s quest takes place in Raya Lucaria. great library. You must defeat Rennala to access it.

Travel there after reviving Sellen and you’ll find two summoning tablets on the ground, one red and one gold. Using the golden sign will help Sellen defeat Jerren while interacting with the red sign to get to the other side of the conflict.

There are two ways to do this: you can review it and decide on a personal level whether you’d rather side with your teacher and seek knowledge at all costs, or punish her for seemingly murdering a lot of her peers . . Or you can take your time sifting through the loot you get from each outcome and see what’s more valuable to you.

  • if you Sellen’s pageYou will have Jerrens Extravagant armor set. Sellen will remain in the Great Library, where she will give you these Kris Hellstein dagger and sell them spiral fragment Witchcraft. you can get it back Witch’s Brilliant Stone Crown and discover the true price of Sellen’s obsession with forbidden witchcraft as you reload the area. finally you can Visit the Azur and Lusat locations again to get their suits too.
  • On the other hand, if you on Jerren’s sideYou will immediately receive the witch’s glowing stone crown as well Sellen bell bearing, which you can use to buy the rest of his spells from the Husk Merchant at the Round Table. Jerren is now standing in front of the entrance to the Great Library and will give you one Antique dragon wrought stone as a thank you for your help. After this interaction, you can still kill him for his armor set.

In other words, the loot is essentially the same. Side with Jerren and you’ll get the valuable upgrade stone, but you’ll miss out on the Glimmerstone Dagger and Azure and Lusat armor sets.

Whichever you choose, you’ve now seen Sellen’s story to its dark end.

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