Elden Ring Roundtable Hold NPCs and encounters

The round table clings elden ring acts as the player’s hub, similar to Firelink Shrine in dark souls. Various NPCs act as vendors for items, weapon upgrades, and Spirit Ash boosters. Others are part of quests and provide secrets for your quest lines.

In this elden ring Roundtable Guide, we will help you with NPCs, encounters and secrets in this location. Note: This guide contains spoilers for changes that occur as the campaign progresses.

How to access the Round Table in Elden Ring

Elden Ring Screenshot of a hooded Melina standing in a field at night.

Melina leads you to the round table.
Image: FromSoftware/Bandai Namco via Polygon

The round table clings elden ring it can be visited after your second encounter with Melina. Your first encounter with her usually occurs when you interact with the Site of Grace in Gatefront (after which she gives you the Mount/Torrent Summon). The second encounter occurs when you interact with a Grace site in the overworld while not on Limgrave or the Weeping Peninsula. You should visit Liurnia of the Lakes or Caelid.

Once you reach it, the location of the round table is in elden ring You have your own fast travel point when you check the map.

main piece

Elden Ring player speaks to Brother Corhyn in the main room of Roundtable Hold

Brother Corhyn will sell you enchantments.
Image: FromSoftware/Bandai Namco via Polygon

The central area of ​​Roundtable Hold has, you guessed it, a round table. There is also a fireplace. There you will find the following NPCs:

  • corhyn – This monk of the Golden Order teaches spells. He will eventually embark on a journey to the Altus Plateau, part of a quest to unlock the secret ending of the Age of Order.
  • dials – This fighter stands next to Corhyn and will tell you about a servant named Lanya. You can find it in Liurnia of the Lakes and Volcano Manor.
  • D, Deathstalker – You will see D, Hunter of the Dead when you make your way to Summonwater Village in the north-east part of Limgrave. After you talk to him, he will be waiting for you at the roundtable hold. He will then introduce you to Gurranq, who will take any Deathroot items you have acquired.

Two finger camera (Enia Finger Reader)

The Elden Ring player speaks to finger reader Enia in Roundtable Hold.

Enia fingerprint reader.
Image: FromSoftware/Bandai Namco via Polygon

The chamber of the two fingers is also located in the central area. The gate only opens after you defeat your first demigod (i.e. big bosses like Godrick). In this room, you can interact with both fingers to get the Ecstasy emote. There is also the finger reader Enia, which has the following functions:

  • By default, it sells regular items like Stonesword Keys (to open Goblin statue doors), Memory Stones (to increase the number of spells equipped), and Rune Arcs (to activate Great Rune Powers).
  • Some main bosses that you defeat will offer their armor pieces for sale.
  • Certain bosses also grant memories that can be exchanged for two types of rewards. See our souvenir guide for more information.
  • After defeating two bosses with Memories, Enia will tell you that you can become Lord Elden. This is a great way to venture into Leyndell, Royal Capital.


Elden Ring players at the round table as the Mad Tongue ambushes Alberich

Mad Tongue Alberich will enter you if you drop the balcony.
Image: FromSoftware/Bandai Namco via Polygon

There are two NPCs here:

  • sorcerer rogier – This mage teaches Ashes of War weapon skills. You will first find it in Stormveil Castle, after which it will move to the Roundtable Hold’s balcony. After defeating Godrick the Grafted, he will give you Rogier’s Rapier +8.
  • Mad Tongue Alberich – Mad Tongue Alberich will invade as soon as you leave the balcony. It drops Taunt’s Tongue, an item you can use to lure invaders into your realm.

west corridor

On your left, in front of the fireplace, you will find these NPCs:

  • Encha – This NPC is leaning against the wall. Although he refuses to talk to you, you get the question “What do you want?”. Emoticon when you first interact with him.

Elden Ring player speaking to Sir Gideon Ofnir in his office

Sir Gideon Ofnir has information on all your enemies.
Image: FromSoftware/Bandai Namco via Polygon

  • Sir Gideon Ofnir – Gideon is waiting in the room Ensha is guarding. For the most part, it will just tell you about the demigods and champions you’ll be fighting in the campaign.
  • Nepheli Loux – Nepheli Loux is first encountered in Castle Stormveil. She is in a small room near the courtyard where the troll is guarding Godrick’s arena. After defeating Godrick, you’ll see her in this Roundtable Hold hallway, where she’ll give you the Arsenal Spell Talisman. She is also part of a search involving Kenneth Haight.
  • Twin Maiden Channels – The door to Nepheli Loux leads to Twin Maiden Husks. This particular character appears to be dead but sells various products from merchants. However, you must redeem Bell Bearings for these items to become part of your pool.

Elden Ring player talks to Dung Eater in Roundtable Hold.

The Dung Eater appears in the room after Twin Maiden Husks.
Image: FromSoftware/Bandai Namco via Polygon

  • manure eater – The room near Twin Maiden Husks will only open after you reach the Altus Plateau. The NPC here looks like an intruder because of the red outline. But for the most part it will sit still, prompting you to talk about death and decay. He will later ask you to search for Seedbed Curse items, which will eventually lead you to the end of Secret Despair.

eastern corridor

You can find the following NPCs in the east hallway:

The Elden Ring player is hugged by Fia in Fia's room in Roundtable Hold.

Receive a hug from Fia to receive Canopy’s blessing.
Image: FromSoftware/Bandai Namco via Polygon

  • FIA – The Deathbed Companion is waiting for you in a room. She will ask you if you want a hug. If you accept, you will receive the Canopy Blessing. This will give you an HP debuff until you use the Blessing of Canopy item, which will then increase your balance. Fia also holds a special secret and quest that leads to the secret ending of the Age of Dawn.

The Elden Ring player in the east corridor of the round table speaks with Master Smith Hewg.

Blacksmith Hewg is in the east corridor.
Image: FromSoftware/Bandai Namco via Polygon

  • Master Smith Hewg – Forgemaster Hewg allows you to upgrade weapons with Forgestones, Dark Forgestones and Ancient Dragonforgestones to their maximum limit.
  • Roderika – You first meet Roderika at Stormhill Shack in Limgrave. Roundtable Hold will come later. He will be around Hewg most of the time, although he’ll occasionally appear by the fireplace. Roderika allows you to upgrade Spirit Ash Summons through Ghost Gloveworts and Grave Gloveworts.

Leprechaun Statue Doors

Elden Ring player faces a fog door in the basement of the Round Table.

The goblin statues in the basement require Stone Sword Keys.
Image: FromSoftware/Bandai Namco via Polygon

In the basement under the place of Hewg and Roderika there are doors to goblin statues:

  • A Stonesword key is required for the first room. Here is a chest with the Crepus Black Key Crossbow.
  • The second room requires two Stonesword keys. This one has the Assassin’s Prayer Book which can be given to Corhyn or Miriel the Turtle in the Church of Requirement for new enchantment spells.

The roundtable duration changes over time

There will be some changes during the round table elden ringThe campaign by:

  • Enia, Hewg, Roderika and the Twin Maiden Husks. Generally, these are merchant NPCs. In any case, you will remain present.
  • Encha. After acquiring the two halves of Haligtree’s secret locket, you will be ambushed by this NPC. Once you kill him, go back to the spot he was guarding earlier to get the Royal Remains armor set.
  • Diallos and Nepheli Loux. As mentioned above, these NPCs are part of certain quest lines.
  • Corhyn, Misteater and Fia. These NPCs have quests that lead to secret endings.
  • D, Deathstalker. After a fateful decision in Forge of Giants, the space opens after Hewg and Roderika. Inside you’ll find D’s corpse, D’s hood, and the matching armor set.

Elden Ring player in Bastion of the Round Table picking up the Spellblade armor set and chime from the wizard Rogier.

Rogier drops the Spellblade armor set and the Bell Bearing from the wizard Rogier.
Image: FromSoftware/Bandai Namco via Polygon

  • Wizard Roger. Roger will eventually die too. Next, you can pick up the Rattlesnake and Spellblade armor set from Sorcerer Rogier.
  • Sir Gideon Ofnir – Gideon will still be there, at least until you reach Leyndell, Ashen Capital, much later in the game. There will be a boss fight and after you kill him he will be gone forever.

Roundtable at Leyndell Royal Capital

There’s a place in Leyndell that looks like the round table from elden ring. Check out our Leyndell, Royal Capital tutorial for more information.

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