Elden Ring Patches questline

Patches are one of the few common threads that developer FromSoftware has built into almost every game since 2009. the souls of the devil. into patches elden ring Quest, has a massive presence and unsurprisingly lives up to its old tricks, yes, including poking into a big hole.

Here’s how to hit patches, where to find him after that, and how to see his secret ending added in patch 1.04.



  • Stage 1: Muddy water cave
  • Step 2: Have mercy
  • Step 3: Patch Difficulties


  • Step 4 (Optional): Find patches in Liurnia
  • Phase 5 (Optional): Find patches on Mount Gelmir


  • Stage 6 – Meet Patches at Volcano Manor
  • Step 7: Defeat Rykard
  • Stage 8: Meet Patches in Shaded Castle


  • Step 9: Install Patch 1.04
  • Stage 10: Return to Bilgewater Cave
  • Step 11 – Kill Patches

Chapter 1: Mercy

Stage 1: Muddy water cave

Patch Rally is one of the first things you can do elden ring, if you’re so inclined. You will first meet the sneaky villain in Murkwater Cave, which you can find by following the shallow creek on the north side Aghelsee.

The Elden Ring map showing the location of Murkwater Cave.

Location of the Cueva de los Parches.
Image: FromSoftware/Bandai Namco via Polygon

You will be attacked by an enemy NPC when you cross the creek, so be ready and kill any skeletons you come across instead of running past them as they can easily catch up and overwhelm you while fighting the invader.

When you reach Murkwater Cave, go inside and activate Grace Site.

Step 2: Have mercy

In Murkwater Cave, Patches will attack you once you open a certain chest. The encounter is designed as a boss fight until he runs out of health, at which point he begins to shrink and beg for mercy. If you wish to continue your story, please comply with your request for now. You get the Grovel for the gesture of mercy.

Patches settle in the cave and give you access to important items, including Margit’s bondagea Stone Keybladeand some PvP invasion items.

Step 3: Patch Difficulties

While Patches is in Murkwater you can attack him again to attack him again and then use the woody gesture of prayer to the for mercy It can still kill you – different players have reported different results on forums like Reddit, but either way you should win this extreme act of remorse Experience. And even if he kills you, he’ll be friendly when you come back.

You will also find a new chest in the room. If you open it, you will be teleported cloud forest ruins, and patches will disappear the next time he returns to Murkwater. But don’t worry, it won’t go away forever.

Chapter 2: Tourism

The following steps are optional. Over time, you can catch up with patches even if you miss him at your next two locations.

Step 4 (Optional): Find patches in Liurnia

After exiting the Murkwater Cave, Patches settles into the picturesque island in the south of Lurnia. The small island juts out of the water directly west of the telescope icon on the map, and Patches is at the southern tip of the island.

The Elden Ring map showing the location of Scenic Isle.

Image: FromSoftware/Bandai Namco via Polygon

He’ll continue to sell his wares here and even give you an inside tip on a special event. virgin kidnapper which will teleport you to the base of the Earth Tree. The enemy he is referring to is at the end of the giant rotating elevator near the classroom of Raya Lucaria’s Academy School. Okay, those are the fixes we’re talking about, so don’t be surprised if you’re transported to a deadly dungeon volcano mansion instead of the base of the earth tree. (See our Volcano Manor walkthrough for more information.)

Stage 5 (Optional) – Find patches on Mount Gelmir

Careless travelers can also find patches Mount Gelmirduring the trip to Volcano Manor.

The Elden Ring map showing the location of the Gelmir camp.

Image: FromSoftware/Bandai Namco via Polygon

Upstream from the First Mt Gelmir camp’s Grace site, you’ll find a message telling you to follow the Rainbow Stones to a treasure. As in the souls of the devil, this is a trap set by our good friend Patches that will drop you into the abyss if you get close enough to the cliff. There are things to explore there if you can survive it Basilisk.

However, if you look closely at the second and third glowing rocks, you can confront Patches with his trap. Of course, he insists he’s not doing anything suspicious and kicks you off the cliff anyway if you follow the path of stones.

Chapter 3: A challenger at rest

Stage 6 – Meet Patches at Volcano Manor

Despite Patch’s efforts to kill you, you’ll likely eventually make it to Volcano Manor, where you can find him in the Entrance Hall after completing the challenging Assassination questline.

This is the short version: complete a challenging mission Tanit to show the patches. Exhaust his dialogue and he will give you his own assassination mission. Complete the task, go back and talk to him, then reload the area and talk to him again to get the Magma Whip Candle Holder.

Step 7: Defeat Rykard

Regardless of whether you complete the patches quest in the mansion or not by defeating the boss there, Praetor Rykardcauses all NPCs to leave, including reworks.

And don’t worry if you need help with Rykard, you guessed it, Polygon has covered the fight in detail in our Volcano Manor guide.

Stage 8: Meet Patches in Shaded Castle

The Elden Ring map showing the location of Shaded Castle.

Image: FromSoftware/Bandai Namco via Polygon

The penultimate stock of patches is here shady castlea medium sized dungeon in between Altus Plateau Y Mount Gelmir. The patches are waiting on the boardwalk leading to the Boss Nebula. So if you’ve already completed Shaded Castle, just teleport there Hall of Sanctuary Castellan and go out and find it.

In a rare moment of vulnerability, Patches gives you that Ballerina castanets and asks you to send them to Tanith. Exhaust his dialogue and Patches will shut up. You may or may not give the item to Tanith as it doesn’t seem to have any tangible effect.

Chapter 4: Wastewater Recovery

Step 9: Install Patch 1.04

No, it’s not a “patch” joke. In front elden ring Patch 1.04, released on April 19, 2022, marked the end of Patches’ journey through the Lands Between. So if you want to continue, make sure you have the latest version of the game.

Stage 10: Return to Bilgewater Cave

After meeting Patches in the Shaded Castle, return to Murkwater Cave for one final encounter.

If you try to re-enter the original patch room, you will encounter a green boss smokescreen (you may need to rest in the Cave Grace Site for it to appear). Head into the mist and open the chest to allow Patches to attack you again, only to realize his mistake and surrender almost immediately. This time you get it Crouching gesture patches.

Obtain the Patches Crouch emote in the Elden Ring from Patches in Murkwater Cave.

Image: FromSoftware/Bandai Namco via Polygon

Reload the area and Patches’ Emporium is finally open again (though their products don’t seem to have changed). Note that at this point if you missed the Extreme Regret move the first time, you can attack Patches to activate it again, then drain his health and use the Grovel for the gesture of mercy to win it now The patches won’t stop attacking you, but if you let him kill you and then return to the area, it will become friendly again and you can easily pick up the dropped runes.

Step 11 – Kill Patches

Now is the time when you can safely kill Patches, knowing you’ve done it all and he has nothing more to offer you. This allows you to win bell spotsyours Spear +7and the Leather armor set. Besides, you know what you want.

If patches are on site, check out the Polygon guides for the Varré, Nepheli, Fia, and Blaidd NPC quest lines for more info.

Source : polygon.com

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