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Jarburg is a dungeon in elden ring‘s Liurnia in the Lake District, where you can find many pots, pot shards and runes, as well as flower crafting materials. By filling the dials You may be able to secure side quests companion bottle Talisman, Hoslow’s Blossom WhipY Diallo’s mask. In this elden ring Jarburg guides, we tell you where to find the area and what to expect.

Location of Jarbourg

The tombstone path to Jarburg in the Eldenring

How to get to Jarburg
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Jarburg is on the east side of the Liurnia Lakes region, not far south of the long bridge that connects the island to the east. From the Liurnia Highway North Grace Site, head north on the main road along the cliff until you reach this bridge, then turn right and descend along the stone tombstones to get closer to your destination.

Jarburg booty

Your most exciting potential rewards during your time in Jarburg are Hoslow’s Blossom Whip, Diallo’s maskand the companion bottle Talisman, but they are only acquired by completing a side quest involving the NPC named Diallos. Otherwise, the city is still good for some less common materials, such as: trine lily, yellow eyeY arterial sheetas well as various golden runes, pieces of broken vessels and ritual vessels.

A quiet flower town

It’s important that you realize that the people of Jarburg want peace. Do not attack any of the living pots that are in the area or they will all become hostile and you will have to kill them all. This appears to remove them permanently and may also prevent you from progressing through the relevant side quest as you intended. If you attack the pots, you cannot absolve yourself of this sin even after visiting the Church of Vows.

When you first approach the town by descending along the tombstones that protrude from the cliff, you will eventually easily reach a rooftop. Jump on it and pick it up. forge stone [3] x3. Then drop to the ground and go to the building on the right where you can activate the Jarburg Grace Site.

Face a corpse in Jarburg of the Elden Ring that you can loot for a broken pot.

Image: FromSoftware/Bandai Namco via Polygon

Below Grace’s location is a building on the left side of the street with a ritual vessel on your roof. Reach the roof by jumping behind the rocks. Then go down to the front of the building and check your porch for a broken glass. Continue down and examine a derelict building to find another one. broken glass and a Living Pot Fragment.

As you make your way to Grace’s location, you’ll notice a large cauldron in some bushes to the right of one of the buildings. Behind the cauldron, look for rocks to climb. Use them to reach the top of the cauldron and grab a second one. ritual vessel. Then go behind the Sanctuary. On the left is a large tombstone that you can search for another one broken glass. Beyond this point, you’ll soon come to a graveyard where you can loot graves golden rune [1]from them golden rune [2], golden rune [3]and a golden rune [6].

Jarburg missions

Jarburg Pot Bairn Elden Ring

Image: FromSoftware/Bandai Namco via Polygon

Jarburg is a peaceful town and none of the living pots will be aggressive towards you. To make sure you don’t miss a mission, don’t attack anything or anyone in town.

Three different quest lines converge here: Iron Fist Alexander, Diallos and Jar Bairn. Let’s talk about each one in turn.

alexander iron fist

While Iron Fist Alexander never shows up in Jarburg, this is where you’ll find his nephew, Jar Bairn. However, you must complete Alexander’s questline in order to complete Jar Bairn’s questline, which will take you to the end of the game.

You will first meet Alexander while he is stuck above the ground Saintsbridge Grace Site. From there it will continue gaelic tunnel in Caelide. (Technically, you can avoid meeting him in those two locations, and he’ll appear the next time you meet him.) After that, he’ll go to Redmane Castle, where he’ll join your fight against Starscourge. Radhan. After the battle is over, he will search the battlefield. Talk to him there and exhaust his dialogue.

After the fight with Radahn, head to a lookout point south of the Carian Study Hall (and east of a Tibia Mariner battle). Jarburg. You have to hit him from behind with one oil pot to set him free this time. From there it will continue sparkling water terminal Inside Mount Gelmir then it appears as a quote for the fire giant fight in Huge peaks.

Eventually, Alexandre will go Farum Azula in ruins, where he will challenge you to a duel of warriors. Defeating him will give you the Alexander fragment Y Alexander’s guts.


You can find Diallos in the main hall of round table when you reach it for the first time. He will tell you that he is looking for his servant. Lanya. You can’t do anything with or for him until you reach him Lurnia of the Lakes.

You’ll find Diallos (and unfortunately Lanya too) northwest of the Academy Gate Town Grace Sitewhere she will tell you that she was killed by a “hidden house of these despicable demons” in reference to Volcano Manor.

Diallos briefly reverts to roundtable hold. Talk to him there and he’ll tell you he’s headed to Volcano Manor on Mount Gelmir.

Once he completes his second kill for the family, Rileigh the Idle, Diallos will head to Jarburg. (You may have to flick it back and forth once for it to finally move.)

In Jarburg you can find him in a house on the east side of the street.

Jar Bairn

Not far from Jarburg’s sanctuary, a few steps lead up to the porch of a house. An animated pot called Jar Bairn sits on its edge. Talk to him, rest at the nearby mercy point, talk to him again, and repeat until you exhaust his dialogue. He will ask you if you want to be the new guy. potentate, but soon he will realize that he is not cut out for it. He will also mention his uncle Iron Fist Alexander.

After a while (either spending time at Siege of Grace or fast traveling a bit or going through other quest lines) he’ll also tell you about the poachers who hunt the jars alive. Once Diallos arrives, Jar Bairn will complain about Diallos’ soft hands. Exhaust your two dialogue options.

Return to Jarburg Mercy Place, spend some time and continue to bond with Jar Bairn and Diallos; that will take two to three game days. Jar Bairn is thrown out when tragedy strikes the peaceful town. Speak to Jar Bairn and Daillos to exhaust their dialogue options again.

Hop back and forth between Site of Grace, Jar Bairn, and Diallos multiple times until you can pick up a Rune of Numen, Hoslow’s Blossom WhipY Diallo’s mask. Jar Bairn will once again be sitting on the steps near the mercy seat.

The final step in Jar Bairn’s quest chain is to return to him Alexander’s guts. Put them back and press Jarburg Grace Site to reload the area. he will stay behind Talisman Pot Companion This will cause your broken pots and throwing rituals to deal more damage.

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