Elden Ring guide: Weeping Peninsula dungeon locations and rewards

In this elden ring weeping peninsula In our Dungeons and Rewards guide, we will list all of the optional dungeons in the Weeping Peninsula with their locations on a map, and tell you what rewards you will get for completing each one.

elden ringDungeons are optional areas, usually caves or tunnels, that you can explore. They usually have a valuable reward or valuable crafting materials inside.

Elden Ring Weeping Peninsula Dungeon Locations

Elden Ring map showing the location of each dungeon in the Weeping Peninsula

All dungeons on the Wailing Peninsula
Graphics: Jeffrey Parkin | Sources: FromSoftware/Bandai Namco via Polygon

Not all of the symbols on the map above correspond to a dungeon (or a cave, catacomb, or tunnel) per se. Instead, we’ve marked dungeons as well as ruins or other locations that contain a mini-boss or a valuable reward (or both). You can find them in the following locations:

  • Morne Castle
  • earth cave
  • Catacombs of the Impaler
  • Morne Tunnel
  • The rise of Oridy
  • Sepulchral Sword Catacombs
  • Gravesword Cave

Morne Castle

At the southern end of the Wailing Peninsula you will find the Morne Castle – It’s like a miniature version of a legacy dungeon, so there’s a lot going on here, including different ones places of grace. There are many enemies, many crafting materials to collect, and some valuable items like one Stone Keyblade and find some new weapons. Head of the region is a evil leonine who lets a Broadsword with a refined blade. You must visit Morne Castle to continue the search for Irina (talking to Edgar).

earth cave

that earth cave is a fairly simple dungeon on the north shore of the Wailing Peninsula. As soon as you enter, the ground gives way and you have to fight a runebear. After that, you’re free to roam and collect all the items, the most important of which is a Talisman Spells This reduces the damage you take from magic attacks.

Catacombs of the Impaler

that Catacombs of the Impaler They are similar to Stormfoot Catacombs in Limgrave. You’ll face a bunch of goblins and then one (another) Erdtree Graves guard dog. Your reward this time is the Demi-Human Ghost Ashes.

Morne Tunnel

The dungeon of the Morne Tunnel along the river in the south-central Weeping Peninsula is filled with artifacts such as broken glass Y forging stones. The boss of this dungeon is the Misborn Flaky who drops them rusty anchor large ax weapon

The rise of Oridy

The rise of Oridy It is a lone tower on the plateau on the east coast of the Wailing Peninsula. To enter you need to kill three invisible turtles (turtles) nearby. Your reward is a memorial stone that adds an enchantment or sorcery slot.

Sepulchral Sword Catacombs

The Tombsword Catacombs are filled with lingering skeletons and guarded by one graveyard shadow Boss. You’ll find useful crafting items, but your main rewards are those Nomad Warrior Cookbook [9] behind a lock with a Stonesword key and the Ashes from Lhutel, the headless ghost the boss falls.

Gravesword Cave

that Gravesword Cave (not to be confused with the Tombstone Catacombs) are tunnels full of poisonous flowers and a few rats. As you explore, collect them Nomad Warrior Cookbook [8]. The boss of this dungeon is Miranda the withered flower who will fall Viridian Amber Locket which increases your resistance.

Source : polygon.com

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