Easy Paper Bunny Craft – Easter Idea for Kids

Hop hop it’s time for a super easy paper bunny craft. This is a great Easter craft, although you can make a bunny craft any time of the year.

For this holiday season, however, we’ve opted for baby blue and baby pink, as befits an Easter bunny.


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What we love about these bunnies is that they are incredibly easy to make and look adorable.

What’s even cooler is that you can make a bunch of these and hang them on string to make a garland. Think of this as a classroom craft!

Most preschoolers would struggle with this (they need some help), so you’ll need to modify the craft to include just the bunny’s head. This project is best suited for preschoolers and older (adults included :).

We think these would make great Easter basket decorations too. If you used more strips of paper on the body part, you can also fill it with candy for a sweet surprise for the kids.

Let us do this!

Easy paper bunny crafts

What do you need:

  • pastel blue construction paper
  • pastel pink construction paper
  • Scissors or paper cutters
  • Googly Eye Sticker
  • the glue
  • White paper
  • Black marker

We have prepared video instructions and a photo tutorial.

You can watch the Bunny Craft video tutorial here

Or follow this step-by-step guide here

We’re making the pastel blue Easter Bunny.

Cut 4 long strips of paper (we cut these to A4/letterhead length) and 4 shorter strips of paper (we cut these to A4/letterhead width).

The width of the strips we used was about an inch wide.


Take the 2 long strips and glue them together to form a cross.

Glue the other 2 long strips forming a snowflake. All stripes should be evenly spaced (although you don’t have to be very precise).

Do the same with the short strips.


Take the “snowflake” with long strips and start making a paper ball.

Glue the strips together and make loops until all the strips are glued together and you have a nice ball.

Do the same with the short “snowflake” strips.

Now you have two sizes of paper balls.


Glue the paper balls together.

You may have to hold them together for a while to really let the glue dry.


Cut out the ears from pastel blue construction paper.

Also cut out a smaller set in pastel pink and glue it into the blue ears.


Cut out a muzzle and draw a nose.

Also cut teeth out of white paper and draw a line down the middle with a black marker. Glue the teeth onto the muzzle.


Glue the ears and snout to the head part (small ball) of the rabbit.

Add two googly eye decals.

Your Easy Paper Bunny Craft is complete and ready to display.





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