Dragon Coloring Pages – 30 Printable Sheets

When it comes to fairytale creatures, none quite like the dragon, and that’s why we know your kids will love this set of printable dragon coloring pages. If you have preschool or kindergarten children there are many simple models to choose from and if you have older children there are also many more realistic models (realism is used very loosely here).

We have prepared a great collection of 30 dragon coloring pages to color for your kids. You can choose from the simplest to the most detailed designs that will amuse older children.

Once kids have colored their dragons, they can learn how to draw a dragon with our step-by-step tutorial.

To warm the hands of the little ones, we have 10 gifts for you. They will be perfect all year round, especially when it comes to fairy tale characters.

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sitting dragon

Check out this baby dragon sitting on the floor enjoying a beautiful day. Why not add some color and paint the sky bright blue?

Dancing dragon for coloring

Dragons love to smile and jump as they fly on their large wings. This coloring is perfect for all kids who love these majestic creatures.

blow fire

We know dragons can breathe fire through their mouths; Watch this legendary character command the flames! Color the whole landscape and have fun.

coloring castle and dragon

They are among the best guardians of the fairytale world. Majestic, fearless and immense. This dragon coloring page will look great after you color it. Kids can paint the sky a darker color to make the dragon and stars shine.

Realistic dragons for coloring

Try painting this dragon with your favorite markers. It will look great in green, red, purple or any other color you like. Don’t forget to color the background as well, this will make it stand out even more.

cute dragon coloring page

Here is a dragon coloring page perfect for younger kids who need large areas and simple designs to color in. Grab these art supplies and color it in!


Even the giants get tired and need their well-deserved sleep. This dragon is sleeping in a grassy area. Color it however you want.

Dragon reads a book

Did you know dragons can read? Neither do we, but this one seems to be learning and we’re all excited about it. We know it would look beautiful in bright colors.

cute baby dragon coloring page

This cute baby dragon looks ready for adventure. It has two large horns and wings. Grab your markers and color this boy green, pink, purple or any other color. sure it will look great.

fly over the jungle

Fly dragons and color this legendary creature flying over palm trees. Doesn’t it look majestic? This coloring will be perfect after some dragon tales.

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jump over the rainbow

Jumping over the rainbow is one of the fun activities that dragons love. You just can’t get enough. Color your own rainbow kite and have fun.

waiting for a hug

These amazing reptiles love giving hugs. This man has just opened his arms and is ready to be hugged and inked. Try your bookmarks and make the whole page as colorful as you like.

coloring dragons

Coloring this dragon will be fun for older children as they can play adding colors to each scale on the dragon’s neck. Once your kids are done, they can also color the background.

Flying dragon

Their huge wings can carry dragons wherever they want. They fly so quietly that we rarely see them, and they’re fast too. Let your preschoolers color this page with their favorite coloring materials.

haunting dragon for coloring

Dragons are said to be reptiles and hatch from eggs. This little friend has just begun his life – watch him emerge from his eggshell while the other brothers are still in theirs. Color the whole page and enjoy the ancient world of dragons.

pick flowers

Dragons love flowers too. Would you be brave enough to pick a flower and offer it to this lovable giant? We are sure that this man is likeable. Pass your marks and color it.

Coloring picture dragon

Legendary creatures are so majestic and fun to color that we never tire of them. This coloring sheet is ideal for preschoolers who love dragons.

fire-breathing baby dragon

He is not afraid, he can fly and breathe fire. Who is he? Of course, this is a dragon testing its skills. Color this baby reptile coloring page with your favorite coloring supplies.

fly over the city

What a sight, a kite flies over the city at night. Let’s color this giant with bright colors so that it stands out well against the night sky.

baby dragon

Dragons are so strong when they hatch that they can easily break the eggshell. This baby dragon spreads its wings and is ready for adventure.

Enjoy nature

What could be nicer than a kite lounger. This guy chose a nice day with few clouds to warm up his body. Color it and the surrounding area with your favorite art supplies.

Coloring pages little dragon

Have you ever seen an adorable baby dragon laughing? This coloring sheet is ideal for young children who need larger areas to color in.

mythical dragon for coloring

We know dragons can breathe fire, so they can protect volcanoes too. Their skin is so strong that they can easily sit on heated lava. Take your crayons and color in the rainforest, the volcano and the dragon sitting on it.

Coloring pages of a laughing dragon

Someone must have told this adorable friend a very good joke. He laughs so hard that even his wings move. Have fun coloring this dragon coloring page with the colors of your choice.

cute dragon

Say hello to an adorable dragon and start your journey by coloring this page. This guy will look great against a green or blue background, so let’s use bright colors like yellow or pink to color him.

between the mountains

This dragon may seem lost, but he knows exactly where his home is: in the mountains. He just came to eat grass and maybe make new friends. Do magic with your art supplies.

dragon and balloon

Dragons celebrate birthdays too, and this one got a cute balloon as a present. Look how happy he is to hold it. Even a butterfly came to say hello. Color the entire dragon coloring page and have fun.

fly around

Another cute one to color in: a flying baby dragon. He even remarked that we were ready to color it and said hello. Make it fly by coloring it with your favorite colors.

cute dragons to color

Dragons like to fly, but they also like to ride in the clouds so they can rest. This dragons on a cloud coloring page will be amazing after a dragon tale.

master of the mountains

Legendary creatures have many roles, from breathing fire to defending their territory. Watch him protect his mountain. We know we wouldn’t dare get too close to him. Have fun coloring!

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