DIY Scarecrow Mason Jar – Fall Mason Jar Crafts

Nous sommes vraiment ravis de partager avec vous cette merveilleuse idée d’artisanat d’épouvantail Mason Jar (un excellent project de pot Mason d’autmne à réaliser), car c’est un projet merveilleux à réaliser even qu’un decor d’autmne Self-made.

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Want to DIY mason jars this fall? There’s no project more fun than making an adorable scarecrow (you can make a pretty scary one too).

This little guy will make the cutest fall decorations in the classroom (hint, hint, this makes a great DIY pen holder).

There are many ways to decorate your scarecrow jar, but we really hope you follow our lead and add a sunflower because it makes all the difference. It brightens up the room it’s placed in and lifts the spirits on the darkest of days (as we all know, fall has its fair share of darkness).

Ready to make your own fall mason jar! Let’s do one (or a dozen).*

How to make a Scarecrow Mason Jar

What do you need:

  • Jar
  • Acrylic paint in beige, cream, black and orange
  • fake hay
  • burlap ribbon
  • big googly eyes
  • fake sunflower
  • black permanent marker
  • to brush
  • Glue gun (low temperature glue gun if you are crafting with young children)
  • scissors

Any other decoration is more than welcome.


Step-by-step instructions for Scarecrow Mason Jar

Lay out a sheet of newspaper or scrap paper before you begin. Paint the outside of your mason jar with your large flat-tipped brush and let dry.

Use your smallest brush to paint over a triangular nose in the front center of your mason jar with your orange paint.

Use a marker or your black paint to draw/paint a wavy smile under the nose, making several strokes across the smile as well as around the nose.

Then paint two small circles of cheek cream on each side of the smile.

Now carefully glue two googly eyes onto the nose with your hot glue gun.


Cut two sets of 10 strands of straw about 3-4 inches long and tie the strands together with another piece of hair straw and gently glue them to each top of the mason jar.


Measure and cut a piece of jute ribbon to fit around the top of the jar and secure with glue.

Glue a sunflower to the top left side of the burlap and your scarecrow is complete!




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