DIY Lollipop Ghosts – Easy Halloween Decoration Kids Can Make

Making a perfect (and practical) Halloween centerpiece for your Halloween table doesn’t have to be difficult, just make these spooky DIY Lollipop Ghost Decorations.

You can make these for the kids (such a cute idea for the classroom) or have the kids make them because they are so easy.*

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These little lollipop ghosts would make a great centerpiece on your Halloween dinner table or a sweet treat at your Halloween party (perfect for the classroom Halloween party).

They’re cheap and very quick to make, which makes them even more impressive.

While ghosts are definitely the easiest to create, you can also play around a bit and create other characters: jack-o’-lanterns, vampires, zombies, and more.


How to craft a heart piece with ghost lollipops

What you need for Ghost Lollipops:

  • lollipop
  • Sheets of white tissue paper
  • black ribbon or thread
  • Black marker
  • scissors

For the centerpiece:

  • festive bucket, vase or jar to store your lollipop ghosts
  • a thin strip of patterned fabric

Step by step instructions


Cut a sheet of tissue paper in half lengthwise. Fold it in half and then in half again until you have a small square.


Fold the folded tissue paper squarely over the top of a lollipop.

Squeeze it around the top of the pacifier to conform to the shape of the pacifier. This forms the head of your mind.

Use black ribbon or thread to tie the base of the head and attach it firmly to the tissue paper.


Cut the ends of the ribbon or thread with scissors.


Use a black marker to make two circles for the ghost’s eyes and one for the ghost’s mouth.


Repeat with all remaining lollipops.

Place tissue paper at the bottom of a bucket, jar, or other celebratory medium you plan to use for your centerpiece.


Glue the lollipops to the tissue paper in your container. If they aren’t holding up well, you can add more tissue paper to your container to stabilize them.


Take your strip of patterned fabric and weave it in and out of the ghost lollipop sticks in the container and pin to the side.

This will hide the hidden tissue paper at the bottom of the container and make your centerpiece look prettier.


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