DIY Corner Bookmarks – Cute Monsters

Books will be so much more fun when your kids create their own cute monster. Make corner markings yourself!

Aren’t they just the cutest thing in the world? It’s also a great beginner origami for kids!



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Inspiration for this comes from this pin on Pinterest (I really tried to find the original source but failed). Seeing this pin brought back memories because we used to do this to my mom when I was a kid, they weren’t that cute and we used spam.

Well, there are actually two ways (probably more, to be honest) of doing this: a super easy one, as you’ll see in the photo tutorial here, and one that’s a bit more difficult, but not too much like you see the folding video tutorial below.

Let’s do this!


How to bend a DIY corner bookmark

You will need a piece of paper (preferably origami paper), scissors, decorations and glue to make the monster or any other creature your heart desires.

Start by folding the paper in half.

Fold the left and right corners to the center. Cut off the excess part and cut in half to get two triangles.

Unfold them, you get two squares that will soon turn into two monster tokens!

Fold the square in half – you get a rectangle – fold it in half again and you get a smaller square. Unfold it.


We also have a video tutorial for this one, good for the bunny set.

Origami Corner Bookmark video tutorial

When you unfolded the small square, you will see 4 small squares inside the unfolded square; Cut one out as shown in the picture below.

Now cut the two squares next to the one you cut as shown in the picture (diagonally across the square).

Fold the little triangles inwards, put some glue inside and voila!


Well, all that’s left is to cut out the eyes, the tongue, the teeth, the tentacles, the horns… and nail them to your monster!


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