DIY Bookworm Paper Roll Pencil Holder

Do you want to make your office more chic? Or bring some fun into your classroom? Make this DIY pen holder out of paper roll.

Super economical project that is incredibly fun (perfect for back to school).

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Nous adorons total notre porte-crayon teckel (qui est également livré avec un modèle imprimable), nous avons donc decide que nous avions besoin de porte-crayons bricolage plus uniques – ce porte-crayon en rouleau de papier rat de bibliothèque étant parfait pour la “back to school”.

This model will look great at home or in the classroom, and what’s really cool is that you can wear it for as long as you need to. You can use 3 rolls of paper or a dozen (or more).

You can store all kinds of school supplies from pencils to markers to scissors. Depending on the length and weight of the school supplies, you may need to glue the pen holder to the surface (regular pens hold up well, but I also have extra long twin pens, about half the length of regular pens, which pen holders could tip).

Are you ready to make your own DIY pen holder? let’s make one!


How to make a bookworm pen holder from paper roll?

What do you need:

  • Paper rolls (bought, toilet paper rolls, kitchen paper rolls…)
  • green paper or paint
  • red paper
  • White paper
  • gray construction paper
  • scissors
  • Glue
  • Black marker
  • Stapler (younger children can use glue instead of the stapler)

Any other decoration you deem appropriate.

Watch the video tutorial

Or follow this step-by-step tutorial to make this bookish paper roll pen holder.

Paint the paper rolls green or wrap them in green paper (printed paper works best).



*make glasses. Draw an outline of a pair of glasses: we use a lid of a little cream to draw two overlapping circles.

Cut them.*Also cut out two smaller white circles.


Paste them into the gray glasses and draw black dots for the eyes.

*Now glue the glasses to one of the green paper rolls.

Draw the mouth on the paper roll.

*Staple all the green paper rolls together.

*You can trim the one with the lenses a little higher than the others.

*Now let’s make the book for the bookworm.

Cut out a red rectangle and fold it in half. This is the cover of the book.

*Also cut out white rectangles (make them smaller than the red one), fold them in half and scribble on the pages to get the book look.

*Glue or staple the pages and cover together.

*Cut out two hands from green paper. Glue them to the bookworm.

*Apply glue to the tips of the hands (you can bend them a little).

*Glue the book to the bookworm’s hands.

*Done, your DIY Bookworm Paper Roll Pencil Holder is done and ready to hold pencils!



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