Diablo 3 Necromancer guide: Blood build

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Trying to maximize your offense and defense is critical to late play build-ups. Diablo 3: Rise of the Necromancer. When we talk about endgame, we mean pushing higher level torment difficulties and higher rifts. Creating your own build is great, but there’s almost always one or two optimal builds for a given class. At launch, the Necromancer appears to have three: the Bonestorm build, the Blood build, and the Minion build.

Blood doesn’t appear in Diablo Progress until you’re past the top 10. For gamers who still want to perform well without being at the top of the competition, they can still make it work. In Diablo Fans, the community creates builds for everyone to use and enjoy. User Wreckanoth cataloged this version of Blood. Let’s go through the different items and skills.

Skills – Runes

  • Sucking blood – bloodsuckers
  • Skeleton Mage – Life Support
  • Decrepify – Dizzying curse
  • Command Skeletons – Icy Grip
  • Bone Armor – Dislocation
  • Devour – cannibalize


  • blood for blood
  • life from death
  • spread the curse
  • extended servitude

Kanai Cube

  • cycle scythe
  • Tasker and Theo
  • Krysbin’s sentence

objects – location

  • Trag’Oul Costume – Helm
  • Heart of Trag’Oul – Shoulders
  • Scales of Trag’Oul – Chest
  • Claws of Trag’Oul – Gloves
  • Trag’Oul Hide – Legs
  • Trag’Oul Shin Guards – boots
  • Traveler’s Promise – Amulet
  • The compass rose – ring one
  • Circle of Evol of Nailuj – ring two
  • Reaper Wraps – Cuffs
  • Dayntee Tie – Size
  • Jesseth Skullscythe – Scythe
  • Jesseth Skullshield – Shield

legendary gems

  • executor
  • Trapper’s curse
  • Esoteric Change

How to use the blood build

In order to play this version successfully, you want to apply decay to all your enemies then earn as many heaps bone armor as possible. Let your health down and beings secure Skeleton Mage and order your skeletons to attack the most important target in the area. water tap devour whenever there are many corpses around you and use blood siphon as your filling moves.

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