Destiny 2 Xur location and items, Nov. 22-25


when you played determination, you may know Xur, the weekly exotic goods seller. Inside destiny 2She has returned and is now appearing all over the map. This week you can find Xur in the EDChang out in a rock lantern.


Image: Bungie over Polygon

Xur’s inventory this week consists of the following:

  • The Wardcliff Coil, Rocket Launcher – 29 Legendary Shards
  • The Sixth Coyote, Hunter Chest – 23 legendary shards
  • One-Eyed Mask, Titan Helm – 23 Legendary Shards
  • Verity’s Forehead, Warlock Helm: 23 Legendary Shards
  • Isochron Engram: 97 Legendary Shards
  • Invitation Mission: 9 Legendary Shards

Xur’s inventory is capped at 931 if you have 950. He also offers specific roles for each armor piece each week and offers different perks for the same pieces.

The Wardcliff Scroll

The Wardcliff Coil is one of the funniest and most unique weapons out there destiny 2. Your first exotic perk is Crazy Science, causing Wardcliff’s coil to fire a barrage of missiles. side benefits, Mechanized autoloaderAutomatically reloads the magazine when the user steps on heavy ammo.


Difficult to aim, this rocket launcher requires an odd sweeping motion to aim the rockets where you want them to land. But it’s well worth the effort, and the Catalyst for Wardcliff will fill the gap if you’re lucky enough to snag it. In Nightfalls and Public Events, Wardcliff Coil can decimate groups of enemies on the fly. If you don’t have this weapon, get it before Xur leaves this week.

the sixth coyote

The Sixth Coyote is an exotic chestpiece found in Forsaken. Your Exotic Perk is dodge twice, that’s exactly what it sounds like; Hunter players can have two stacks of their class ability: Dodge.

This could be a great chest piece if you’re low level. If you just need to go invisible more often and revive allies, this is a great team to pair with Nightstalker.

Xur’s mood this week is Abortand comes with a total of 47 stats.

an eye mask

One-Eyed Mask is a titanium helmet from Leaveand is one of the best Exotic PvP in the game. Your Exotic Perk is Revenge. When enemies damage you, you mark them so you can track them through walls. Killing marked targets grants you an overshield and increases damage for a short time. This helmet is amazing; You must have it if you have or will have a Titan.

Xur’s mood this week is Abortand comes with a total of 48 stats.

before the truth

This warlock helm is pretty mediocre. Her exotic perk is The Fourth Magic, which causes your energy weapons to perform kills to regenerate grenade energy for you and nearby allies. This perk is good and always useful. Compared to many other Warlock Exotics: Crown of Tempests, Geomag Stabilizers, Chromatic Fire, etc. – There are hardly any situations where this headset is worth using.

Xur’s mood this week is Solarand comes with a total of 48 stats.


If you haven’t already completed the invite quest, Xur still offers it for nine legendary shards.

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