Destiny 2 Xur location and items, July 5 – July 8

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when you played determination, you may know Xur, the weekly exotic goods seller. Inside destiny 2She has returned and is now appearing all over the map. This week you can find Xur on Nessus near the Warden’s Tomb on Calus’ Barge.



Xur’s inventory this week consists of the following:

  • The Huckleberry Machine Gun: 29 Legendary Shards
  • Lost Hunter’s Graviton Helm – 23 legendary shards
  • Horn of Khepri, Titan Helm – 23 legendary shards
  • Sun Clasps, Warlock Gauntlets: 23 Legendary Shards
  • Isochron Engram: 97 Legendary Shards
  • Invitation Mission: 9 Legendary Shards

Xur’s inventory is capped at 731 if you have 750. He also offers specific roles for each armor piece each week and offers different perks for the same pieces.

surveillance wing

Huckleberry is a new exotic warm spirit. Its intrinsic advantage is ride the bull, which causes the weapon to fire and recoil faster the longer you hold the trigger. Kills scored with the pistol partially reload the magazine. The secondary benefit of Huckleberry is Butcher’s shopeach kill increases your damage for a short time.

The Huckleberry is a very good weapon. Their advantages combine to create a small mini-game in which you try to shoot as long as possible without having to reload. It may not be particularly useful in a lot of endgame content, while having some PvP potential, but it’s a joy to use in quests, public events, and escalation logs. . Get The Huckleberry if you can afford it.

Graviton Pack

the Graviton Pack It’s a hunter helmet Curse of Osiris. Although it seems like an exotic throwback determinationher exotic side, Vanishing Shadowis very different in destiny 2. This perk increases the duration of your invisibility abilities and allows your melee ability to charge up quickly while you are invisible.

This helm is really very powerful with the new Way of the Wraith tree and will keep you invisible for a long time. If you like being sneaky, get this headset.

This week’s role:

Slot 1: Machine Gun Marksmanship, Energy Weapon Marksmanship, Machine Gun Marksmanship

Slot 2: Shotgun Reserves, Special Research Ammo

Horn of Khepri

It’s a bad titanium helmet. Your Exotic Perk is sun wall, which causes a line of fire to erupt from your barricade when you first place it, and your barricade will be refreshed with a Solar kill. The helmet looks great and the effect too. But unfortunately it is not particularly useful in practice. Don’t feel too bad about skipping this one if you’re low on Legendary Shards.

This week’s role:

Slot 1: Auto Rifle Marksmanship, Bow Marksmanship, Hand Cannon Marksmanship

Slot 2: Shotgun Reserves, look for heavy ammo


Sun bracers are powerful exotic warlocks for the sun subclasses. Your Exotic Perk is helium coils, which increases the duration of sun grenades. Melee kills also grant unlimited sun grenades for a short time. These gauntlets are extremely fun and can be powerful in wave-based mods like Escalation Protocol, Hive or Solar attack battles, or weekly Nightfall.

This week’s role:

Slot 1: Fastball, Small Arms Magazine, Improved Rocket Launcher Magazine

2nd place: Linear Fusion Rifle Raider, Machine Gun Raider


If you haven’t already completed the invite quest, Xur still offers it for nine legendary shards.

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